There is something for all age groups
|   Jun 05, 2017
There is something for all age groups

Books bring out a different world altogether. It lets us live and explore places we have never seen before. It makes us experience situations we might consider impossible. In all, books allow us to live many lives all at once. And to prove it to you, this month, we thought of taking you on an enchanting ride. Without further ado, here’s a list of our top 8 books for the month by Enchantico 

The first book for our 5 to 6 year olds is ‘Where’s Gilbert: The Not So Little Princess’. More often than not in life, we don’t value the things we have. We value them only when they get lost! Something similar happened to the royal teddy bear, Gilbert! Rosie, the little princess, thinks she’s not so little anymore and ought to stop playing with the teddy. But, the teddy is lost! Go Gasp! Did the teddy away? Did someone steal Gilbert? What will Rosie do?

What we love: We love how Rosie and Gilbert, through their friendship, teach us to value things that we own in our lives, in a beautiful manner through the book.

What kids will love: Kids will love Gilbert, the teddy bear, and his adventurous journey meeting new friends and traveling across the city. They will love the quirky and funny illustrations in the book.

The second book for our young readers is Adam Stower’s Two Left Feet. It is about Rufus, the monster who absolutely loves dancing. Knowing this, he is invited to the Grand Ball at The Glittering Palace. However, there’s one problem. He has two left feet and that creates a mess while he dances with other monsters, leaving him with no partner. Finding a partner in time for the Grand Ball is going to be very tough. Does he find a partner in time? Does he go to the ball alone?


What we love: We love how Rufus, with all his differences, learns to accept himself and heads to the Grand Ball.

What kids will love: Kids will love the monsters and funny illustrations that play as part of the book. They will also love Rufus’s dance moves.


The first book for our 7 to 8 year olds is Isla Fisher’s ‘Marge and the pirate baby!’ Now, do you know who a pirate is? They are evil pillagers that ride stolen ships and you know what a baby is? A cute little cuddly ball of love! But wait! What’s this talk about a pirate baby!? Is this a cute and cuddly baby or a misinformed pirate? And who’s Marge? And what are Marge, Jemima and Jake going to do next? Find out in Isla Fisher’s ‘Marge and The Pirate Baby!’

What we love: We love how Marge, the babysitter, manages her job at handling the annoying baby, Zara, and we love how, no matter what, she sticks to her job.

What kids will love: Kids will love the hilarious antiques that baby Zara pulls to keep Marge on her toes all the time.

The second book for our young readers is Michael Rosen’s ‘Barking for Bagels!’ Now, have you ever met someone with an annoying laugh? Like a guffaw HAHAHAHA or a screeching HIHIHIHIHIHI? Doesn’t it make you wanna run away? Well, that’s exactly what Shnipp, the dog, did. She disliked the way Julie and Lark and Sadie laughed all the time. It was so annoying that she runs away and then meets an incredibly kind lady who feeds her bagel on a daily. But, Shnipp now misses home and wishes to go back. Will she be able to find her way back home to Julie and Lara and Sadie?

What we love: We love the play of words and the definitions given in the book for kids to better understand a much BIGGER word.

What kids will love: Kids will love the foxes that Shnipp comes across when she's out and about.They'll absolutely love Shnipp and her serious cravings for Bagels!

The first book for our 9 to 10 year olds is a spellbinding book that takes you on a journey in the past. We have Adrian Edmondson’s ‘Tilly And The Time Machine’.  Tilly, a seven and a half year old, is just like any other girl. But, she wants to travel back into time to her sixth birthday. And, it just so happens that her dad has made a time machine that might just make her wish come true. So, what happens when she goes back in time? She meets a really special loved one. But wait, now she is stuck there! Does that mean she’s going to be 6 forever? Will she be able to return? 

What we love: We love how, Tilly, even after being just a small kid, manages to overcome her fears and fight every situation that comes her way.

What kids will love: Kids will love Tilly and her Dad’s Time Machine so much that they’d feel they travelled back in time too, with the book. They will, for sure, love the imaginative spin that takes place in the story.

The second book talks about a story of two brothers; Magnificio, the greater of the Onions and Alfie, the younger of the Onions. Magnificio has set out on a journey that will win the Onions their HAPPILY EVER AFTER and Alfie has joined him to only carry his ‘baggage’, as he calls it. But, what happens when Magnificio loses his courage midway into the journey? Will Alfie be able to help him out? Let’s find out with Vivian French in ‘The Adventures of Alfie Onion’.

What we love: We love how, even after being the younger one, Alfie motivates and keeps up Magnificio’s spirits to help him through his journey, no matter how hard it is.

What kids will love:  Kids will love the meddling magpies, and the talking horse and of course, Alfie’s extremely loyal Dog.


The first book for our 11 to 12-year-olds is about a very confused boy, Alex, who wants to know where he’s from, what he’s supposed to do, what’s his role in the universe and where he belongs. WOW!! Now, that’s some really intriguing series of questions for a little boy. How about we solve them with Alex, one by one? Alex is on a mission. He wants to send his iPod in space so that people out there won’t feel lonely and out of place. Go on an adventurous journey with Jack Cheng in ‘See You In The Cosmos, Carl Sagan’.

What we love: We love Alex and we love his beautiful spirit. We love how he is always looking for answers and always trying to learn something new.

What kids will love: Kid will love Alex’s recordings and Zed, who surprisingly doesn’t talk much. Kids will absolutely love knowing all the cool stuff about space. Maybe, they’d find where they belong!

The second book is of another Alex. A totally different Alex! He wants to be a magician and has really cool friends. Zack is a pickpocketer, Sophie’s a hypnotist and Jonny is spectacular with Science. These four, together, want to be real life magicians and have enrolled in a secret school of Magic. But, as soon as they get in, strange things begin to happen. Now, the gold from the Bank of England is stolen. What is this, really? Is it a heist? Or is it a detective story? Well, you’ll find out what it really is with Nick Mohammed’s ‘The Young Magicians And The Thieves’ Almanac!’

What we love: We love how the book takes us on a thrilling adventurous ride filled with magic and science and consequences, altogether.

Kids will love the magic spells. They’ll go bawling over the hilarious hypnotic tricks that Sophie executes like convincing her Brown Owl that all Brownies are in fact Jelly Fishes.

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