Clinging on to the memories!!
|   Dec 01, 2016
Clinging on to the memories!!

I was in deep sleep some noise woke me up it was my neighbor who  got up to dry his clothes in the sun  at 5 in the morning  ....did he not realised he didn't have to get up at 5 in the morning  just to dry his clothes ...he had all day lying in front of him for that work...he didn't had to  rush now ..he is seems the feeling was hard to sink in him as he was patterned that way was his routine...and it was hard breaking that pattern for him ....

After retirement ,he had to change his dwelling place now ...though he was not afraid of change but he was afraid of leaving all those bitter sweet memories behind ...almost half of his life he had spent in that home ...the place where he had fallen in love for the first time..with his wife ...he got married in that house ...raised his kids in that house....the home away from home....and  he and his family had created so many  memories in that place....and now his routine  every morning he would get up by 5 in the morning so he could  get best of sunlight to dry  his clothes soon.. and I made it my routine to woke up by the noise of my neighbor...

That day I woke up at 5 a.m. ...silence prevailed in my surroundings...I look out of the window...morning breeze greeted me...tranquility....but the noise was gone...all I can see was empty window of my neighbor....change for them was inevitable....and they were gone ..leaving back all the memories they created!!

Everyday we make memories...we live life today...and tomorrow when we look back ..all we can see is the memories we created today...we move on in life leaving behind moments we created today....and clinging on to those memories are the only ways to relive those moments in our heart and in our mind....again!!!

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