Counting my blessings!!
|   Apr 28, 2016
Counting my blessings!!

    It was 5 am in the morning alarm went off so i had to get up for my regular yoga routine usual my mobile data was off at night and when I on it in the morning ping there i got message in whats app from my husband.The message was send around 12:30 at night when  i was in deep slumber.. there far away in the capital of my country was my husband suffering a heartache alone...the feeling gave me shiver...I was worried to the core of my heart then started the journey of calling him i was calling and calling him ...the news was broken to my mother-in-law and my father-in-law then all three of us started calling him the rings went in vain answer!! usually my husband picks up the phone on the one go ...we were worried ...why is it our human nature to imagine worse case scenario when somethings not working in our favour ...hence the imagination started  running  worse, imagining the scenes maybe he will never ever answer the call..maybe he will never call back ...maybe the phone is lying next to his body and the body near the phone is God!! tears started rolling down ...down the memory  lane initial days of our  parenthood and we use to fight like cats and dogs...we both were carefree birds ...tattooed, music,travelling even dreadlocks we never imagined coming together getting married and parenthood can caged us..responsibilities,sleepless nights, constant demands and cries of baby was driving us nuts ...the fights was usually for days he would go missing and in those missing phase my ego never let me call him and ask about his whereabouts!!!i didn't care whether he live or life was a mess so didn't had enough time to care about his whereabouts or well being ..he would go missing at nights....and i never inquired ..the ego was so inflated that i wouldn't care whether he is dead or alive!!!and now am at the moment tears rolling down and scared, shivering hoping and praying everything goes well..and between those moments i realized how important he is in my life incomplete i would be without fact be it my ego that acted as if i didn't care but i had never imagined my life without him!!!and how i loved that irresponsible arrogant guy...after maybe 60 missed calls came back the call i waited so badly from 5 a.m that day husband called back..he was lying unconscious near that phone...was asked immediately to go to the doctor!!

        Thanked almighty that he is well now ...and dawned the realization that it is Gods way of giving shocks to count our blessings we tend to take for granted the blessings we have...the blessing to have someone in my life who loves me back ...i took it for granted ..the love i had ...i didn't value !!!and almighty gave me the shock that i should value and count my blessings everyday!!


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