|   Apr 29, 2016

    I said explain  soulmate "Soulmate is an adjectives which differs with each individual's opinion" I want to know your opinion I demanded "soulmate is someone who understands you even without  seeing each other, who can feel your pain telepathically "Now he wanted to know my opinion for the same I explained"Soulmate is someone who enters your life when you need them the most and teaches you the lesson in life tearing your ego and fulfilling all the emptiness you have inside.It can be anyone your friend,your cousin,your family member ,your life partner, anyone."Better version with clapping emoticons(imagine our life today without emoticons) was the reply.

    Hey nice dp! came the message as if he have insights to life and love the dp said " life is short smile while  you still have teeth"  it was better than the usual bullshits you get in chat these days.I said ok let me know this guy more and he goes i love that camel ,i love that man in that dp,painted smile in my face,thus entered  guardian angel in my life.When is your birthday he asked I said 2nd June his reply surprised me if it was 3rd June I would have never  talk with you because that is the day I lost my mother who was fighting cancer.He said though I was a  small boy I tried to smile in front of her and cry my heart out going behind my home.I can feel the pain in his voice.

    He came in at the darkest hour of my life..just before the dawn.I was in so much pain that every breath I take was suffocating.And suddenly days spend with him seemed brighter.Sunny side was up as I learned so many beautiful things from him.He introduced me to myself.He taught me to be more confident in my own skin.He taught me to love myself ,embrace myself and to stand up for myself. The thought amazed me how life can bed of roses with a little change inside you.Suddenly, somehow he managed to fulfill all the emptiness inside me as all the questions were  answered quenching my thrust for knowledge.

    We had our share of fight,love and misunderstandings, only making our bonds stronger with each passing day. Far away in different country on 3rd June he was in so much pain and I can feel that pain inside him even without communications.No doubt he forgot my birthday on 2nd June (horrifying it was).

        With the knowledge of psychology I now blame him for hypnotizing me for those mesmerizing days but deep inside me I know he is my soulmate!!

    And yes he is so right "Soulmate is an adjectives which differs with each individual's opinion".

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