Mobile phones: uses and effects
|   Aug 02, 2017
Mobile phones: uses and effects

During my childhood, a very common topic of essays was "Science- Blessing or a curse". Now I think it has shifted to "Mobile phone-Its uses and harms".

Now-a-days we all do a lot of discussions on the topic of "using mobile phone". In this blog I am going to tell you how mobile phones are affecting your child's health? Uses of mobile phones and addiction.

First we will talk about the uses of mobiles.Safety purpose: 

  • Mobiles are very useful for safety purpose. Its important for the parents to give mobiles to their kids. So that the kids can communicate with them every-time they want. If your kid is going somewhere by an auto-rickshaw, make sure that your kid texts you the auto's registration number. If he/she can click auto-driver's picture it will be

sone pe suhaga. 

  • If your child is using some app like uber and ola, tell your kid that send the location everytime he/she travels. Tell your kid to download apps which are useful for safety purpose, like there are apps for girls. 
  • Uses in education: Mobile phones are of great use in education. Nowdays a 7 -8 year old kid knows that if we are unable to find something in books, we can very easily find it on the internet and it will hardly take a few seconds to do so. A 5 year old kid to a student pursuing masters, everyone uses google. There are so many apps for eduactional purpose.
  • Mobile phone games are not always bad for your kid. They increase your child's analytical and logical thinking. They enhance imagination capability. They increase creativity of kids.
  • YouTube contains educational and knowledge based videos too. YouTube is of great use in bussiness areas. One of the biggest advantages of YouTube is its videos easily get viral and attract viewers.
  • Social networking sites are useful in following manner
  1. Finding friends.
  2. Finding a job
  3. Seeking personal and professional advices
  4. Locating assistance
  5. Helps in reaching out to individuals who have same interests and hobbies.
  • Online shopping: how can we forget this ???😎😎 smart phones have made our life smarter.
  • Some points for parents:
  • Keep fixed time for using mobile phones. Don't keep fixed time for kids only. You also have some patience while you play and teach your kids. Don't use  facebook/whatsapp at  that time. Make some time as mobile-free time.
  • Don't use your phone in excess in front of your child.
  • Don't use your  phone when it's battery is about to die.
  • Set example in front of your kid.

Now we will talk about the ill effects of mobile phones.

 Following diseases can occur:

  • Tumour. We use mobile phones day and night. We all know that it affects our sleeping pattern and brain activities. Researches show that mobile phones are
  • Harmful for brain. 
  • Harmful for eyes.
  • It causes pain in back and hands. 
  • Accidents.We all know from the past few years, mobile phones have become a great cause of road accidents.
  • Reduced fertility.

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