Thanks to " mycity4kids"
|   Feb 28, 2017
Thanks to " mycity4kids"

Thanks to  " mycity4kids".  

A big "Thanks" .my emotions can not be expressed in words properly but still I will try my level best.

Thanks dil se. You are providing a vast platform for writing to all mommies and beautiful ladies . You inspire us to write. A platform to share views and experiences. A platform where we can read other mommies khatte mithe experiences and those experiences teach other mommies a lot of  new things. Here ladies and girls from different professions; different religions; different casts; different backgrounds come together and celebrate their motherhood. Every story or every blog is different from others . No two blogs are similar. Some stories are just amazing which insipire others a lot. Like a story of a couple where male and female belongs to different religions. Some stories are so touching that you can not control your emotions and tears. Like a story of a mother whose 9 months pregnancy time was very very difficult. But in the last God blessed her a beautiful baby boy. Her story makes us believe in miracles. Some stories of parents , husband, sasuraal are just mind blowing.we ladies love our parents . We live away from our maa papa. And this thing makes us one. There are unlimited stories and each and every story is unique.  All stories related to mom dad , mayka are very good . Congratulations to all beautiful girls , you all are doing a great job. I hope everyone will agree with me in all whatever i am saying. But i request everyone that dont write a copied story , stories/ experiences should be real. Only real stories can touch heart.uniqueness lies in real stories.

Ok now I will talk about myself.You gave me a chance to enhance my writing skills. I started writing. I have a passion for writing from childhood days. I used to write my everyday experiences in my diary. My diary is my best friend you can say. Because I can share everything with it. But " mycity4kids" give me a chance to share my story with others too. I am more creative now. Thanku.keep doing the good work. Add some new features.  Like some chatting options.. security features should me enhanced.some rewards should be given to rank holders. I believe that there is always a chance of improvement.

Hats off "mycity4kids".

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