A family for whom humanity knows no bounds.. 
|   Apr 12, 2017
A family for whom humanity knows no bounds.. 

This story is about one of my very close friend,  trushna, name changed for a reason that if she or her family comes to know that I published her story then they will kill me. But I was so touched with her story that could not stop myself from jotting down this. 

So the story starts when trushna was in 11th standard. She was staying with her family in Mumbai. One day her family comes to know that one of their relative died along with his wife in USA, survived by a 2 year old kid. There was no one to take responsibility of the kid. So her father brought the kid to their home. Trushna started to take care of the kid like her own child. In some time the kid ronny became accustomed to the family and started calling Trushna mamma, forgetting his past.

But calling trushna a mom worried the family as they did not want the kid to know the truth ever, But it was not feasible as well as trushna was still unmarried. At the time trushna was in 12th standard. 

N then the god sent a rescuer to them in form of her father's friend. He suggested her father to get trushna married to his son kalpesh, who was also a classmate of trushna and a very good friend as well. Though it was against law to get married at such a young age, but they did not have any other option for saving the ronny's future. And in this way he would get his own family. 

So trushna was married without much fuss to kalpesh and shifted to his home with ronny. But she was not happy as she did not want the marriage at this early age leaving her dreams behind and angrily she had cut all ties with her mom. 

Seeing this kalpesh' mom came forward, n said to trushna that she does not need to consider this marriage as a constraint to her dreams. She can continue her study. And that for ronny also she doesn't need to worry. She is there to take care of him. 

And so trushna continued her study. With time her relation with her mom also recovered as she grew up and understood the demand of the situation. Ronny was also growing up as a free mind kid due to all the affections he received from his new family, where he had a set of parents and grand parents as well. 

After some years trushna and kalpesh both completed their study. Kalpesh joined as an engineer in a government company, whereas trushna concieved her own baby. After delivering the baby, she stayed at home for 2 years, until her mother in law asked her that she go out and make a successful career and utilize her education. Her mother in law was again there to take care of the infant along with ronny. 

Trushna joined a company and today after almost 20 years of her marriage has an awesome carrier, a loving husband, 2 children including ronny and a very caring and understanding parents in law. 

Ronny is grown up now and working in US, having a lovely life with his girlfriend. He still does not know that his parents are not his own parents. Trushna loves her mother in law so much that while purchasing gifts she always buys the same thing for her mother and her mother in law, irrespective of the costs. 

Recently ronny had come back from US and brought iPhone7 for his dadi, which though she doesn't know how to operate, shows off to everybody, saying her grand son has brought for her. 

Seeing this happy to lucky boy, Trushna herself sometimes says that she does not if God has actually done good or bad to Ronny. And also if she was lucky charm for ronny or ronny was lucky charm for her that they got such a beautiful family. 

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