What are you telling your children, without telling them…
|   Feb 17, 2016
What are you telling  your children, without  telling them…

"Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children."   — Charles R. Swindoll.

I was chatting with   friends  yesterday,  about the different roles we play in life.  We were discussing about   effective  ways  to  follow in upbringing  our  kids.  One of them said, “I cannot be as a friend to my teenage daughter, because I never shared friendship bond with my mother ”. These words  probed me to share    thoughts with  every  wonderful parent reading this article.

 As a parent, you want to give  the best for your children in terms of food clothes, comfort  and  leave no stone upturned to tell him/her as  to:

What is good for their health?

What they must   do to lead a happy  life ?

How to study?  The  list goes endless.

 You  are consciously aware, about what   you are  teaching your children.  Hmmm… Then, what about the  learning, which you give to your children without telling them, by your actions unconsciously . Children are  observing you  every time and everyday of your life  . They listen every word and  watch every action you do  at  home and  in the society.

 They listen-

 The words you use,  to communicate your thoughts  with  other members of the family .

They feel-

 Your behavior towards  maids at home.

How  you  respond to critical situations happening around you?

The respect/disrespect   given to elders/parents by you.

They see-

Whom do you look up  at times of crisis? Whose opinion matters to you most?

The quality of the program you watch on television…

 The world  needs  peace, happiness and it all begins at home.

I believe , as a parent  you are role model to your kids consciously and unconsciously   in nurturing them  to blossom  like a fragrant flower  in the society.






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