Great Way To Save Health By Using A Coin
|   Jul 27, 2017
Great Way To Save Health By Using A Coin

Wondering what to do with the stuff in the fridge while you are out and about? Are you traveling for a few days or maybe weeks? And you will come back and planning to use the stuff you have kept in the refrigerator?

Hold on. 

Was there a power cut when you were away and you might want to throw away the food items now that are spoiled. How would you possibly know about that? Would you as your neighbours? Or just ignore and still eat it up.?

There is a simple way to know. 

Hmmm... But how?

By using a coin. 

What?? A coin? 


You better be. After all, it's concerned with your family's health.

Read on.

You need - A glass or a cup full of water, and a coin.

Fill a glass with water and keep it in the freezer. When the water freezes, keep a coin ( any coin ) on the top of the ice.

All done!

When you come back, just open the freezer first, and check where is the coin now.

  • If the coin is still on the top of the glass, it means the food inside the fridge is safe to consume.
  • If the coin is sunk inside the glass, then be cautious. Food might not be safe.
  • If the coin is at the very bottom of the glass, then you can be sure that there was a long power cut and that's why the ice has melted completely. Just throw away the food from your fridge and clean the fridge before keeping new food.
  • This is the easiest way to know about the safety of your food. Next time you go outside keep this in mind. This will sure save on some doctor's bills. And while the family's health is ensured, this doesn't cost a COIN.

    You are welcome.

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