How My Rakhi Is Not Rakhi Again This Year
|   Aug 03, 2017
How My Rakhi Is Not Rakhi Again This Year

We are brother and sisters, separated by distance, but connected by love. 

We are thousand of miles away from each other. Just like previous years. This is the fourth year in a row, that tying Rakhi on your hand personally is again not possible. I have already started feeling nostalgic.  

Since my move to Dubai in September 2013, my festivals have never been the same. Each year I send you Rakhi through Indian online services and wait that you get those threads full of your elder sister's love and well wishes. I remember how I used to handmade rakhis during my schools days, and you would be extremely excited that you will get two rakhis. I could see that on your face. But now that destiny has kept us so far, on this auspicious occasion, I can only breathe in relax that our younger sister is there, who will tie it on your wrist on my behalf. 

I eagerly wait to speak with you on Skype every year and try to sit in front of the laptop so that at-least I don't miss how you are getting my Rakhi tied by the younger sister. I will just do a tika on Skype and again say bye to you and will miss meeting you through out the day. 

It's not just this one day I miss you. You are always there through my thicks and thins, a wise advisor who is always polite to everyone and will climb any mountains to see your sisters and family happy. It doesn't matter if you are 7 years younger than me, you are actually 10 years wiser. 

When mummy say we will buy rakhi from here and sister will do the honor of tying, then I fell to pieces. It's just one thing I do in one whole year, please don't deprive me of that too. I can at least feel better by doing so. I miss you always, and I wish you well Bhai. You are Seven years younger to me. I am your big di and this di is helpless. But I guess this is how our day of Raksha Bandhan will be spent. Just enjoy the day and eat sweets and I will too. 

My rakhi gift which you always promised, is again due this year. I take so much pride in saying that you are my brother. Trust me, you are and will always be my little brother and I am so fortunate that God made you so kind hearted .

My daughter, who is 2-and-a-half year also do not quite fully understands the meaning of Rakhi, since she is away too. We are usually sending Rakhis on her behalf to her cousin by online services.  

Hopefully, everyone with or without brothers will have a great day and may we see much more Rakhi days for many more years.  

My rakhi's journey is about to finish as I have received an email that it will be delivered soon. We have bought one rakhi for husband and one for our little daughter too. So that they can both have fun here.   

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