How To Get Free Goodies In The UAE
|   Jul 07, 2017
How To Get Free Goodies In The UAE

Hello to all expecting mothers and new mothers and mothers of toddlers who are at present in the UAE. I have good news for you. Now we all know how unimaginably expensive this place is and to be honest, when the temperature is on its peak, something like this would give us a bit of relief .

This will first look like a news too good to be true. But read on..

When I was expecting , I got an email saying simply fill in your details and get a goodie box.

This box will contain a lots of magazines related to the baby and mothers, and samples which are really great for expecting, new moms and mothers of toddlers.

I thought in a world where nothing is free, I am getting a free baby box. It was so hard to believe.

OK, I filled in the online form, and it read, you will soon get the box delivered at your doorsteps.

To my surprise, In a few days, I received a box from ‘Marhababy' with No Strings Attached.

  • It had pregnancy lotions, baby lotions, baby safe detergent, diapers, latest magazines, pacifiers, even free mascara, nursing pads, plus discount coupons. Exclusive for the mothers.
here’s the link, you can fill in your details for free Marhababy Box

I thoroughly enjoyed the best Samples and it was something that I can appreciate all my life. 

It simplifies life of expecting and new mothers a little bit since they can't really shop for themselves and the products are really safe to use. Order your babybox now. 

This is the first time in the UAE that mothers are given such an advantage. I am sure all mothers would benefit from it.

Just be ready with your Emirates Id to show to the delivery guy and you are all sorted. At least for a while.

Follow my blog for more such useful information on baby and mother related news. 

Cheers !

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