I Can't Be An Artist, But My Daughter Can.
|   Aug 11, 2017
I Can't Be An Artist, But My Daughter Can.

I could paint, using different media, on canvas.

I recall that my school days had a SUPW (the art class) for girls as a compulsory subject. I was taught knitting, embroidery, stitching, craft and painting.

I learnt a few steps and techniques and this made me a bit artistic. 

With the growing pressure of studies, my schedule got busy with academics. The artist inside me was apparently hibernating.

In the due course, I made a few art pieces and won several recognitions and prizes from School, College and other sponsored events like Camelin etc.

The time when there is a lot of competition, no-one wants to waste their time in unnecessary and struggling career like Art. This was quite evident with the Delhi University's cut off list.

For a carrer in art, one needs to have a lot more practice than we realise plus a lot of contacts as they say. Initially a lot of investment and time is required too as it usually takes a few hours to complete a single painting.

I was always mesmerized by the people who are good at art, and was so envious of them .

How on earth do they get an opportunity? I used to fancy my own art gallery, or atleast an art show. 

As soon I started my career with Accor Hotels, a good friend bought a present for me. He surprised me.Friends knows you best and the present was a 20 leaflet canvas book. I was so excited. He suggested that I must take up my art seriously. 

The first painting I made after ages, I gifted him.

After my usual office hours, I used to indulge myself in the mysterious and deep world of colors. I was so fond of art that I painted at a stretch of 7-8 hours in one go. 

After all, art is my passion.

Slowly, I gifted these to the near and dear ones, and everyone has a piece of my heart on their walls now.

I did make oil on canvas using abstract, portrait, nature, and tried mixed media by learning through online tutorials. I am very inspired by Claude Monet and Picasso and Van Gough.

Now that during pregnancy, being extra careful towards your baby is great. I was informed by my gynecologist that there are harmful fumes that these paints emit. Baby being my priority, I quit everything for good.

Still some days I miss those colourful olden days, when I was carefree during the painting hours, not a care about any thing in the world and would spend hours and hours painting.  I will sure pass on the skills to my daughter now that she loves to paint and you never know she might be the next Pablo Picasso.

Do you have a similar passion for art too?

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