"Mommie, He Pushed Me"
|   Jul 14, 2017
"Mommie, He Pushed Me"

These two pictures, of the same child, taken at a gap of around two years.

The top one is when she is 2 years 6 months and the below one is when she turned exactly 6 months.

Why is time flying? That time, I struggled alone, to make her sit with her toys gang so that I can remember this day, for the rest of my life. 

Untrained mother photographer at work!

Now, she wants to sit with her toys and tells me look mummy, I am sitting with my bunny friend. While I managed to take her pictures easily.

How adorable. And I can't help it but think about when you were a tiny baby. That time too it was so impossible to make you sit steadily, ha ha, and now too, you won't sit even for a second. Your mind is the control center and you are always on the go, just exploring whatever you can get your hands on. Oh don't I just love that. 

I think being active is necessary, although it's a bit of energy consuming, I don't fancy a heavyweight kid too. I find you are now too lean compared to other kids of your age group and you have lost all your baby fat, no chubby cheeks. But actually, who cares. All that matters is that you should have a healthy weight and stay active. 

During the time you were sick, I prayed to God that I will do anything to see you like your old self again. I want you to be naughty, witty, chirpy, running around, throwing stuff, playing with anything you can think of. I absolutely don't mind even if you make the house look like a jungle because very soon you will grow up, beautifully and sensibly and you might go away for some time to study, to work, leaving just the two of us behind wishing if we could turn back time and our house could be messy again. 

I do get tired, cleaning after you, whenever every few minutes you play and don't put it in its right place, but I feel that I am enjoying everything I am doing. A few months back, you could not talk, now you are a chatterbox and we tell you to relax so that your mind gets a break but kids will be kids. The only time you relax and we relax is your nap time. Or just say it's my happy hour. 

But time does fly, and maybe soon enough, you will have no time for us, you will get busy with your routine. You will be occupied with school activities, studies, outdoor play, and friends, then we will look back at the pictures of you. In joy, with our hearts filled with emotions. You will understand later what I want to convey, but these moments are embossed in our hearts.

Do I keep wondering, how much you have changed in just 2 years? Would you be changing more? Is there a way you don't grow up and stay just like this? Like my little cuddly baby? Always calling out for mom. 

Mommie, bhaiya pushed me.

Thinking my mom is my superhero who will rescue me from these evil boys at the park. I feel honored that instead of fighting you are looking up to me, such that you are making notes in your mind what needs to be done in such situations. You are making me feel like a proud mother.

I know I cannot keep you from growing up, but I promise I will be Present for you whenever you need me.

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