Princess's Diaries
|   Aug 05, 2017
Princess's Diaries

She is just 2 year and 8 months young.

Kids her age in the neighborhood can hardly speak, but I already am raising a chatterbox.

Her priorities are set. She knows what to wear and what not to wear. And she knows how to tell. 

"Mumma I want to be a Princess"

( focussing on Parrrin-cess with a singing tone - to convince me, in the most polite way, but seeking only a Yes ) We, her parents mutually agreed on a term... That we will buy what she wants.

She wants to be a princess!

Even while going to the playground, while watching her favorite Rainbow Ruby show on TV, while sleeping, while watering the plants, before going out for shopping, even at the bath. Gosh.

Now recently, after looking at her unused clothes, which she is 100% not going to wear even once, we purchased Two Frilled cotton frocks for her. Her old dresses are being replaced by new ones.

This made her happy.

So, Is it really necessary? Yes. Of course, her developing brain is telling her to wear such clothes. Even we adults want to look nice. We make our own choices. She is just copying us.

Now for her, Mumma and Papa are very kind. And she is happy and trying to show by being thankful. She is opening up to us in a better way, showing her trust and love in return. I personally feel this is not just a behavior, this is a phase where she is gaining a lot of self-confidence. It's our duty to keep her in line with our preference and what she wants. She is an individual, and why to upset her when we have a choice to make her happy?

No whining, no crying, just a happy joyful kid.

She, in turn, listens to us too. And turns out that we are doing our best as parents.

What are your ideas to raise a confident kid?

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