Returning From A Sabbatical
|   Jul 11, 2017
Returning From A Sabbatical

There are times when we feel that leaving a well paid job when the career was on the boom was the biggest sacrifice we have made. But with one look at your happy child, that feeling vanishes into thin air. No remorse. Priority is not our own self but the offsprings. If family's financial situation allows or has tiny bit scope of quitting the job or extending the maternity leaves, I believe most women will go for it.

Yes, there are career oriented gorgeous women too, who can manage both their babies and work with the help of others. I have a great example in my friends circle. This confident girl, a mother of a beautiful toddler has a travelling job and she is away from home for even days. But she has a trustable nanny and all the possible gadgets installed in her house like nanny-cam , baby monitor so that she keeps an eye on what is going on. Whenever she is back home, she makes sure the child is having plenty mom baby time together and do not feel left out. She is sure bringing up an independent kid. With the help of a cooking Lady, a cleaning maid and a full time nanny, the planning is just right. Yes, She indulges in her own interests too from time to time.

I happen to fall in the first category. Where I left a lucrative well paid 9 to 6 job to look after my little one. Added factor was the stress at work which I could not handle.

I have known a few ladies who have made a big comeback after their kids were a bit grown up and independent. A former chef, returned to work as HR head of a hotel after being away for five good years. She became mother of a beautiful baby, looked after him, put him to school, completed an MBA course and started working again for good. Another lady, she joined work after a long gap of 8 years, and similarly, with so much talent, she bagged a lucrative marketing head job. She is very professional. An achiever !

Now, In my life too, the scenerio has changed. My toddler is soon going to be a pre-schooler. So, I wonder is it the right time to finally end my sabbatical ?

Ladies, If you were in such a situation before, please send me suggestions in the comment section below. 

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