Stop Overly Aggressive Kid With These 5 Tips
|   Jul 19, 2017
Stop Overly Aggressive Kid With These 5 Tips

I keep hearing that my kid is stubborn, and if not given what he/she want, they make a great deal about it and get aggressive too. Being aggressive is actually good.

Yes, you will be surprised to know that being aggressive is actually good, it's a developmental milestone. But if the kid is overdoing it for his benefit and if this includes whining and too much crying then few points might be considered. Here's how to help your kid in such situation.

  • Kid Needs Attention: Mostly if you just listen to them with all your attention, they feel connected and loved. This is the best way. Little hug and snuggle does wonder too.

Jadu ki jhappi

  • Say OK : Sometimes, kids just wants to hear a simple OK and just saying OK means a lot to them. Never mind, if you want to agree or disagree, that's for later. But the aggressive moment is gone, and now, as a parent, you can exaplain why that thing cannot be given or done. It makes more sense to the kid when he is in his senses.
    • Distract : whenever you feel its inconvenient or impossible or unsafe about a thing your kid wants and gets aggressive about it, You can temporarily distract him withsomethinv else interesting. Like when my little one wants ice cream when I don't have it available, I simply offer her other things to play with. Last time, I gave her capsicums to play with. She loved playing with them and she now know it's a vegetable and she completely forgot about ice cream. Try the clever idea.
    • Lack Of Sleep: When the child has not had a good 11 hour sleep or missed the nap, then it is quite easy to get overwhelmed. Try to put the kid to bed. After a good sleep, When your kid is up, offer nutritious food.
    • Bored: Offer the kid an outing to the playground or some activity like cleaning the chair, or watering the plants. Then see how helpful they turn out to be. A few moments ago, the same kid was shouting on the top of his voice. 
  • Cherish all these moments instead of getting annoyed as this is childhood. Let her play! My heart breaks each time I see old pics of my little one. They grow up so fast, psychologically. Before they look up to strangers for comfort or loses trust in you.

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