The Child Helper
|   Aug 02, 2017
The Child Helper

She is noticing every move of yours. She is keeping an eye. She is secretly following you, watching every step you take. She is taking you as a role model.  Her favorite persons in the world are Papa The Driver, and Mumma The Princess's Helper. She is the girl you once were. I am only referring to the kid as 'She' because I have an adorable daughter and my life revolves around her. So, people may read He if they are more convenient this way.

Whatever you think is the highest way to be, you be that way when the child is around, because he is learning by imitation.  #Parenting #Children       Sadhguru
The way I reward my child is by giving her an opportunity to do something she likes and not by giving a thing she wants. The difference between her and other kids her age is that she is understanding and quite helpful. Kids generally won't listen to their parents as they are quite busy with their own things. But she doesn't take every opportunity as a just opportunity. She explores it fully. This takes off a little burden off my shoulders too. What a great way to make her learn new activities. She usually takes pride in doing everything on her own. She respects everyone who is working with her. Cleaner, cook, delivery boys, doctor, everyone. 

My little chef at work, Mummy is not allowed anywhere inside the kitchen now.
She wants to be like her mom, a grown up, independent person. Even if she is crying or is upset, if I ask her to help me she gets ready in a microsecond and forgets all the whining And crying.  Not just an independent person, she is going to be very responsible too. So, this should start at a younger age. Younger they like doing chores, the better people they become. And most importantly, don't discriminate between a boy and a girl. Both of them should be give tasks equally. Both are each sides of coin. If you have a boy, that doesn't mean he cannot cook or clean in future.

Do you have a bright hard working kid at home too?  

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