The Unethical Modern Mother 
|   Jul 11, 2017
The Unethical Modern Mother 

The time is changing, the mindset of people on What Ladies Must and Mustn't Wear should change too. It is high time we think it over and emphasis on the traits like compassion, wisdom, independence, Kindness, and Responsibility rather than deciding the wardrobe choices. Yes, I love to wear western clothes - Dresses, jeans, etc. , and I like to use makeup as well as per the latest trend. So, some of you think why this mother is shamelessly announcing this to a public. Some must be thinking that this some 30+ old mother of a 'Girl' child must wear traditional clothing, and use all the makeup married women are supposed to wear. And wait, what is this, a Bob haircut, she must essentially flaunt a long braid to look like a married Indian woman. To all, here is my answer. 

I was raised by very responsible, educated and understanding parents. My father hailed from a village and he never saw women in his hometown without a headcover, known as Palla. But having worked in the Capital City of India, his mindset was none like the old school. Similarly, my mother, my soul, never told me to wear a salwar suit. It was only me that one day asked her to buy me a nice suit, just so that I can look pretty like her. My elegant mother, also a working woman, worked full time, 6 days a week and still managed to taught me and my sister the true meaning of womanhood.

A woman must look graceful in whatever she wears.

My parents never had an issue whether I wore jeans, a salwar kameez or a dress. The choice was mine. It's a simple matter of trust. While my parents were busy educating the three of us, they also brought up responsible young adults.

Now, after marriage, my husband supports me completely.

Some say, if you don't dress up traditionally yourself, your daughter will also learn the wrong way. What is wrong in this may I ask? 

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan has once said to his granddaughters, "Length of Your Skirt Is Not A Measure Of Your Character". So why everyone is so worried about what woman should wear and what not?

Source: The Indian Express

As I always request, if there is anything that needs any correction or addition, please do let me know through the comments. 

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