Top 10 Kid Shows To Educate Them In A Fun Way
|   Jul 26, 2017
Top 10 Kid Shows To Educate Them In A Fun Way

To all the mothers' out there, as we are aware that in today's world, limited screen time is a necessity.

But we often get too busy that we just switch on the TV and let the kid see whatever comes. Violence, Inappropriate Language, Grown up shows etc are what they end up watching. If they won't watch an educational one, then they are certainly going in a wrong direction. They do not need to know what's coming on Saas Bahu Dramas and why Katreena Kaif is dancing like that!

Here's is a handy list of programs which will teach the kids about different aspects in a fun way. 

These are easily available on Youtube, and are just a type away. 

Make sure you watch the Shows with the kid so that parental guidance can be assured. Aren't you a smart parent? 

Note the below list :

1. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: A cute Tiger cartoon, who lives in the neighborhood of make belief. Perfect for kids between 2-5 years. He tells about good habits in a playful way.

2. Mouk: This one is another animation show. Focussing on the travel diaries and explaining different cultures and habits of people. Quite entertaining too.

3. Hi5 : A team of 5 artists, sing and dance on theme based episodes and your kid will sure get active watching it.

4. Calliou : Stories of this 4 year old kid is really adventurous and fun. A lot of learning too.

5. Bo on the go : If your child wants to watch TV with out moving a muscle, then this show will sure allow some movement. Different animals and their features are depicted in each episode. My child's favourite. Try it.

6. Justin time : Justin with his pretend friend Squizy and Olive goes to various places And finds out their solutions. My daughter loved the episode where they go to Russia and learned Cusack dance. Bravo to the makers.

7. Sid the Science kid : Sid with his friends and family solves a new mystery everyday. This is the famous Canadian Show with all facts and no nonsense.

8.Dinosaur train : Do you fancy your kid know all about dinosaurs and their history. Then this is it. A Paleontologist who brings fun facts about different dinosaurs will really thrill your kids.

9. Word party : This one is to build up vocabulary, and will help kid express them selves.

10. The Cat In The Hat : Supeb show. It is so educational and entertaining that you will enjoy it with your kids. 

These are my top 10 picks.

Always make sure you too watch the shows along with your little ones as internet is a bad place if not controlled.

And remember, If a parent can understand and enjoy a particular show, then only the child should watch it. Same goes with the books. 

Do you have your favourite too that I can share with everyone? Please comment below and I will post about them.

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