Birth Story of Agasthya
|   Dec 03, 2016
Birth Story of Agasthya

I still remember the date it was 2 March 2015 , I woke up early at 5:30 in the morning to do the pregnancy test with the  kit which I bought, after checking yes I could see those two pink lines I was happy ,was in tears, little nervous, different emotions at the same time, I woke up my Hubby who was snoring in deep sleep. He was surprise to see me in multiple emotions in the early morning, I told him that we are going to become parents, he hugged me tight and thanked me for such a good news,on same day we went to Gynecologist,after check up she gave me folic acid tablets and other vitamin supplements and told me to take care of myself, and asked to visit her after 10 days for pre-pregnancy ultrasound, in these days I started dreaming about our baby, I was at cloud nine, we told our parents they were happy to receive the new member to the family, after 10 days I went through the ultrasound, by seeing the reports my doctor told pregnancy is confirmed, but there is no heart beat yet, I was shattered ,couldn't believe, but she consoled me and told not to worry,heart beat may appear in ultrasound in 6 to 7 weeks of pregnancy, and suggested to go for ultrasound after two weeks. We came back home with heavy heart, but somewhere I had a feeling that my baby will be with me.My hubby cheered up me every time when I feel sad .Finally the day arrived and I went through the ultrasound, yes this time my tiny baby's  heart beat was visible and audible.Every thing was fine and my EDD was 9 Nov-2015.First trimester went with nausea and little stomach cramps but, I was alright.My hubby bared all my mood swings and fulfilled my food cravings.In the second trimester I went to my mom's place,my parents and all my relatives took extra care of me and my baby,I was enjoying my pregnancy with my mom's delicious food, yoga,walking and reading the books about pregnancy.It was my 8th month running ,one day my hubby had come,we both were having our breakfast,suddenly I got a cramp in my upper abdomen,after taking the antacid also my cramp didn't reduce,I couldn't  bare the pain and we immediately rush to the hospital,doctor told it is  a severe acidity pain,and gave me the medicine,but pain was so severe that I started crying.I was so scared,as I scared and crying in pain my baby inside my womb also got scared and started kicking me more,which made the things worst.My doctor told me to be calm,as it may affect the baby,and she tried all possible ways to reduce my pain.Finally at night my pain reduced,we came back home.Then on-wards I increased the duration of my walk and took a 6 small meals per day,so I should not suffer from acidity again,every thing was smooth.Finally on 2nd-Nov-2015,early in the morning I woke up to go to loo,but I felt there is a surge of water flowing,my water was broke.I informed my parents and called up my doctor, she told to come to hospital.When we reached hospital,my delivery pain started,as the time passed the intensity of pain increased  for every 10 minutes.After check up,doctor told there is only 3cm dilation and still we have to wait.But pain was increasing,it was difficult for me to bare,I was drenched in sweat,tired and crying in pain, at 8:30 am doctor told there is a enough dilation and it is the time to push.Doctor and nurses were encouraging me to push,and I was pushing,but baby was not ready to come out.I was tired by pushing,pain was increasing and I was about to loose my conscious,and baby's heart beat was also started fluctuating.Doctor told need to operate immediately as both were in critical condition,finally they took me to operation theater and C-section was done.Later when I woke up I heard its a Boy. I saw my baby,my tiny soul,my Agasthya next to me, and I forgot all my pain and difficulties that I faced during my pregnancy...

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