The Day when my Son left me alone. 
|   Feb 20, 2017
The Day when my Son left me alone. 

Mine was prolonged and very complicated C Section , as a result my baby didn't breathe after birth for few seconds so doctors shifted him to NICU immediately after the surgery. The worst part is,the hospital where I had been admitted in my native was not having NICU facility, so my son had been taken to the other hospital which is quite far  from where I was . I had seen my son after a surgery when I was semi conscious, when I woke up in ward it was mid noon and my baby was not there with me,  I got panic,  asked my parents they told by God grace now he is fine in NICU and he will be there for next 24 hours so that the doctors can monitor his health. There were good number of relatives around me, and  all of them had seen my son before shifting to NICU, only I had not seen my baby properly, most of them were telling how beautiful he is,how pink his lips are, how soft his cheeks are, and how tiny his fingers are, listening all these I started feeling jealous on them because he was mine,I wanted to see him first, cuddle him, kiss him,9 months we were together and first time we were separated. I was crying inside to see my baby but I was helpless as I'm not supposed to get out of the bed. I was feeling lonely, sad and incomplete without my son, even though my brother and hospital staff were taking proper care of my baby and he was alright there, I was not convinced and literally started counting the time. I couldn't sleep whole night even I was dam tired and my stitches were bothering me, I was missing my baby.Finally next day around noon doctors discharged my baby as there was no health issues, and my brother brought my baby to the hospital where I was. That was the first time me and my baby saw each other. It was an amazing experience to take my tiny soul  in my arms after waiting for such a long hours. I was happy, proud, and satisfied. 

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