|   Jun 15, 2016


‘Ma’am the queue is for everyone’

‘I don’t want to talk to low class illiterate people, get your manager’

‘Maam the queue is mandatory for all kids’

‘I had spoken to the guy before you here, and told him that I am taking my son for lunch and will be back in half an hour’

‘Maam but the other kids have been standing in line for the past half an hour, they ate their food and then joined the line.’

‘My kids will stay right in front here. They will be first in the line. That is final.’

And they were, they stood in front of everybody else who had been standing and waiting decently for the past half an hour for the paleontology activity at Kidzania.

She looked at me for support, against the annoying man who was not willing to let her beloved son stand in front of all the others.

‘What kind of people they hire!’

‘Ya, I agree with you! They should hire female bouncers for Moms like you’


‘Nothing Maam, I just wish they could hire female bouncers for moms like you.’

‘I do not wish to speak with you.’ She banished me from her kingdom.

I patted the guard, as a mom would pat her son, the poor guy was almost in tears. Earning ones living is a tough job these days. Those who have earned, try to bring back the slave era.

Usually I would have fought tooth n nail but after all the fun, yet tiring activities at Kidzania my energy was sapped and the second selfish reason was that the activity was for 10 people and my son and his three besties would anyway be allowed in that slot as they were 7th in the queue.

This brawl… no I don’t think I can call it a brawl, as it wasn’t two sided, this uneducated behavior from the educated mom, set me rethinking.

How much would I fall to get my son first in the line? Be it in the park, the gaming zones, classrooms, play dates…

The madness of internally wishing that your kid would come first with 99.9% or become a GM in chess at 7 years or to become Pele at 9 years…how far would I go? How and when could I be mature enough not to push my kids at the cost of other kids?

When the Headboy and Headgirl are chosen, how many of us don’t feel the pinch (Be honest guys… that you didn’t even for a second want to hear your kids name?! Its as natural as drooling at Shah Rukh Khan for me) But frankly, I have developed the skill to respect all kids, whether Achievers or Non achievers (Non achiever in the material sense, because every kid achieves the highest position in the heart of his/her mom at the time of birth, so technically there are no non achievers!)

So now I do roll up my sleeves, but against my ‘Mom Mania’ that makes me a ‘Momzilla and prevents me from Momzania…

Just some thoughts I felt strongly about and thought I would share at this beautiful mommy platform

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