The benefits of a school trip
|   Oct 08, 2015
The benefits of a school trip

I need 5 benefits of the kids going on a school trip. Not for the kids, for me.

Only a day since they left. and I have been convincing myself, how peaceful it is. No school bus to catch, no fight over the porridge, no running back from the bus stop to get the home work notebook.

Wow! So peaceful, then why is the silence getting to me? The quiet deafening?

Let me seek some benefits…

Benefit 1

I can work in peace. There will no one is asking me irrelevant questions, when a con-call with the client is on, like, ‘mamma how many stars are there in the universe?’ ‘What is the meaning of ‘cynical’?

Oh! So peaceful…Then why did I snap at my client today?  Its generally the other way round, I snap at my kid for the client.

Benefit 2

My hubby and I can go for a date and a late night movie. And…and we don’t have to stand in the long line for Nachoes…

Then why did we anyway stand and buy that junk food?

Benefit 3

I can go out with my mother-in-law for a shopping spree. Without one hand tugging for ice-cream…donut…books and toys.

Then why did the Zara new collection not interest me? And I bought some Percy Jacksons instead? Strange behavior.

Benefit 4

The best one! No Doremon. No Chota bheem! Yipeee!

But…Alas! I think I slept watching the thrilling Bond movie of our times…

Benefit 5

One more! I can chat with my Mom about all the family gossip in peace, without being questioned on the details of each relative. ‘Who is this Lucknow wali mami ki chachi, mamma?’

Then why do these relatives seem so distant and irrelevant? And their life stories so uninteresting and regular?

 Still looking for benefits…any leads anyone?

The brat has over ruled all my personalities, like a creative consultant…a daughter…a wife, a daughter-in-law…he has incapacitated me for all other functions. Of course, I do them all but the only designation where I really ‘love to live’ is that of a ‘MOM’


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