If only she could have enjoyed her life
|   Nov 21, 2016
If only she could have enjoyed her life

Gauri and Shikha were good friends. They had met each other in the nursing college from where completed their nursing course. They shared the same room so automatically both of them gelled very well with each other. They were always together. Though both were opposite of each other in terms of studying, talking, etc. Gauri was a very studious student. She never wasted her time. She was always in a hurry to finish her projects, do up her chores and even eating food. Gauri simply used to gobble her food. On the contrary Shikha was calm and cool. She used to scold her when Gauri gobbled her food. Shikha tried to explain Gauri that one should  enjoy everything that one does. She needs to learn to enjoy her life. But Gauri was always anxious about her future. In a few years their nursing course ended and both got selected to different hospitals abroad. While Shikha went to Qatar, Gauri went off to Kuwait. Both were very happy with their respective job place though they tried to stay in contact in between their heavy duty hours. After one years both got married and got busy in their respective lives. Soon they lost touch. Shikha got pregnant and she became a mother to a sweet little baby girl. She wanted to enjoy her motherhood so she left her job and settled down at home. Her husband was also very supportive of her decision. Years passed by. One day Shikha got a phone call. She recognised Gauri's voice. Shikha was really happy to hear from Gauri. On the other side Gauri was crying profusely. Shikha got really worried and asked her the reason. Gauri said that Shikha was right. One needs to enjoy life something that she could not do and now life is not giving her a chance. Shikha became really worried and asked her what has happened. Gauri said after she got married to Raghav she continued to work. After two years she became a mother to a baby boy. Though they were happy but Gauri wanted to make a dream house for her family. They bought a plot just adjacent to their current house and started construction. Because of these expenses she continued to work. She could not even spend some quality time with her son. She had decided that once her dream house is ready she will settle down and leave her job. Everything was going on as she had planned only a small pain in her back started creeping in. Initially she did not pay attention. Slowly the pain increased and increased to such a level that she could not get up and stand and stand without help. The hospital staff became anxious and did a MRI scan. That is when she got the shock of her life. The hospital authorities said that she was suffering from cancer 4th stage. Now there was no treatment as such. They immediately did all the reservations and paid all the expenses of her travelling and sent her back home so that she can spend the last few days with her family. Shikha started crying. She could not believe what she was hearing. Gauri continued and said the last 1 month that she has spent with her family were the happiest days of her life. Her son was also very happy to finally have his mother around him. He is too small to understand that slowly his mother is passing into the darkness of death. She continued that now her dream house was almost done, but she is afraid that she will not be there. Shikha could not take any more. She told Gauri to hold on and not to lose hope. But Gauri had accepted her fate. She had called to invite Shikha for the housewarming ceremony of her dream house which will be held day after tomorrow. Her only dream was to spend a day in her dream house, but she is not sure if she will be able to make it. Shikha said she will reach and not to think of all these.That night Shikha could not stop the stream of tears that was flowing from her eyes. Finally the day arrived for the housewarming ceremony of Gauri's house and Shikha reached Gauri's house. But there was no one to be found there. She knocked at the door and Raghav opened the door . Shikha inquired about Gauri. Raghav said day before yesterday her health deteriorated. Gauri understood she only had few hours. So she requested Raghav to take her to her new house so that at least she could spend one night at the place for which she had sacrificed so much. God showed that much mercy that he took her away from us only the next day in the afternoon. At least she got some time to spend in her dream house  and Raghav broke down. Shikha sat numb without knowing what to say or how to react. As she was leaving she took a look at Gauri's dream house for which she had slogged so much.   This is life. Every moment is precious. Live every moment of it. When you come into this world you bring nothing and when you leave you take nothing. The only place were you live is in the peoples thoughts. So make sure that you live a life worth remembering. Smile a little more, forgive a little more, forget a little more, share a little more, live a little more.........

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