Ragi Porridge for kiddos - A new Avatar :-)
|   Nov 27, 2015
Ragi Porridge for kiddos - A new Avatar :-)
This is the traditional way of making Ragi powder for Babies. I have started this for my baby after completion of 5 months. As I got to know, usual way of powdering Ragi with its cover will not be easily digested by Babies.

This is the recipe I got to know from my Neighbor who had prepared the same for her grand daughter.

This might seem to be a long process but as compared to the benefits that your baby get, you will be really enjoying to prepare it again.

And about the recipe, here it goes..

Things you need :

Ragi - 1Kg
-Soak Ragi in water overnight for preparing the Porridge powder next day.
-Once the Ragi gets soaked well, wash it off to remove impurities from it.
-Use a mixer grinder to grind Ragi along with water.
-Filter out Ragi milk using a filter.Repeat the process and extract the milk.
-Let this settle down. Keep it undisturbed in a place for 2 -3 hours.
-After 2-3 hours, you can see the milk settling down with water on the top.
-Drain out the water and let the ilk settle for another 4 hours.
-Drain out the excess water again.The milk would have settled down like a paste by now.
-Transfer the paste to a clean muslin cloth and tie it tightly and hang it over. Keep a vessel at the bottom to collect the excess water. Let it be there overnight.
-Transfer the Ragi milk paste to a flat plate and sun dry it until it becomes hard to break
-You can break the hardened pieces and transfer to a mixer for powdering it.
-Sieve the powder till you get a fine powder.
-Transfer it to an air tight container and you are good to go.

I have added a little amount of salt as well to the powder before storage.

For preparing the porridge, add 2-3 tbsp of the powder to water and bring it to boil.

You can also add sugar and milk if needed.

This makes a very healthy and lip smacking yummy porridge for your baby.

Happy feeding :-)

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