Technology, Mommy and Baby
|   Aug 13, 2017
Technology, Mommy and Baby

These three words, Technology, Mommy, and Baby are different words but where mommy and baby do connect, and how technology have joined these two? Well, that’s the topic for today where I can relate my life or any modern day mommies life.

The 21st century is known for the evolution in the technology field, where most of the things are computerized where that make human works much easier and faster on a day to day life. But today’s mommies like me are obsessed with our phone even though we had the best childhood knowing but it’s very difficult to give them back to our child in the world of smartphone and tabs and well-advanced video games.

How do technology and mommy go hand in hand?

Present or future mommies are used to the smartphone world with apps and social media where we intend to share our life stories, check in, food, lifestyle, makeup, I mean all daily things to make the outer world believe that we have a perfect world and we are happy about it. But within our life, we are spending more time with our smart phone than with our family and loved ones this even includes daddies too i.e., vice versa.

Technology and babies: How We Introduce To Them?

It’s all start from Home. When a baby is born, we start clicking photos, making videos etc. (I know we take a picture to make memories, but there will be limit by keeping these things within us than sharing all day to day things of a baby in a social world). It’s to each family how they want their life to make it. But we as mommies must make sure to make it less and keep away from the evil eye but we intend to use the phone or concentrate on phones more than our babies or life. So babies do learn from home, and first things we do is show them indirectly that our life is nothing without smartphone and tabs. When baby’s cries we give our phone to stop them from crying, or while we are busy doing something or talking to guest they do come to disturb us that time we give them even if your baby is 1 year or 2 years. So they are more into the phone then toys. These things have affected me as a mommy and for my child who cries now and then for phone or even when I am using a laptop, they think that its toys for them and they want that and they don’t want to play with their own toys. When babies use smartphone we think or say see how smart our child is, they know everything about the phone and its goes on but it’s not true. It going to affect their brain, their world how they see it and their children who rather stick to playing in tab than playing outside world. It’s all start from home and we parents need to stop these things from affecting our kids well in future they gone learn that’s the other story. Sometimes I do make my son watch to nursery rhymes than showing him cartoons which is much better I feel, but I never make him watch it a whole day or something. I am learning lots of things how can I make my kid have his best childhood without tabs because living in urban cities it’s very difficult to develop things but it’s not impossible to do.

There is two big example as commoners we should learn from. First, Steve Job who is founder of Apple, who never introduce to his kids to tabs or phones, he knows this going to affect their childhood and second one Britain’s Prince William and Princess Kate, being from royal family is nothing from them to buy any gadgets to their kids, but they don’t want to do that to their kids because they want their kids to have the normal childhood like them. I think modern and middle family’s needs to learn from these and I know we want to give our kids everything that the world offers the best. Yes, we want but it does not mean that we give them gadgets or expensive things.

Being Full-time Mommy we always in our phones and until kids go to school they be with us  24*7 and they see us being on the phone and spending more time on the phone. Yes, we do like to capture beautiful moments, take a selfie with our kids using filters, but does it really help us to be the best mommies or spending more time with our kids, I don’t think so. Yes, I admit I do, now I slowly started to use less phone in front of my child. Well, I do agree that I do share some of my moments in social media. I am trying my best to reduce that especially of my child but it going to take time.

Here I am not telling that don’t use social media or phones but don’t use the front of your child, trying being away from the phone when you are with your child and spend more time with them. Yes, you can use when your child is sleeping or whenever you get free time or when you feel it’s right time to use social media. Point is that don’t make your kid's childhood memories with gadgets, give them learning toys, take them to parks, involve other activities in their life than just giving them your phone and tab.

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