Where Is Wonder Woman?
|   Apr 09, 2016
Where Is Wonder Woman?

This is a sort of continuation of the Woman's Day initiative cause that really set me thinking. Kudos to mycity4kids for giving people a platform to blog and read about various perspectives.

Everywhere one goes today, the new craze in town can be seen - Superheroes. From toddlers to grand-dads, people are either sporting a t-shirt with the Capt America Shield or the Bat Logo or a Stormtrooper helmet. The worst part is when one sees the Superman logo being stretched over a middle aged paunch. Don't mistake me, I'm also a big fan. When The Big Bang Theory series came out, I was envious of the toys, the books and even the trivia Sheldon and Co spouted (but not the costumes). I was like - Damn I wish I could have hoarded all that. Anyway, I'm glad that Marvel and DC and all the other guys are coming out with the movies cause when my boys yell " Daddy, another story pleeeeeease" then I can always fall back on the Dark Knight vs Joker, Bane or someone else.

Recently I went to the grocery store to buy the boys the new Cadburys chocolate that has Batman and Superman on it. Suddenly, the cashier handed over two free action figure cards. It featured Wonder Woman. Cause the boys have no idea who she is, I tried to return it but these were the only ones with him (guess the others all were taken). Then it struck me that here was a new Superhero(ine) that the boys knew nothing about. It would distract them for a few days. In fact, I was pretty damn sure that they didn't even know the word heroine. And here was I, happily writing articles for the Woman's Day contest. Shame shame!

I went home and handed over the cards to the kids. As usual, they bombarded me with questions. I quickly answered - that's Wonder Woman and she is very cool. Like your Mom. Now finish your TV time and I'll tell you her stories at night". They loped off and I quickly opened Wikipedia and started reading up. I managed to cook up a few stories at night and the boys were happy enough. Now they have lost the cards so I intend to persuade them to let me buy the Wonder Woman action figure. Let's just hope the shop has it in stock.

To read more on Wonder Woman - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wonder_Woman 

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