Why Are Twins Dressed Alike (And Other Things Only A Parent Will Know)
|   Dec 01, 2016
Why Are Twins Dressed Alike (And Other Things Only A Parent Will Know)

When I was young and carefree and single ... ok when our twin boys were not yet in the horizon, I used to judge parents. Mind you, this was not a habit or even a regular thing but when something was happening in front of my eyes, I would often think that what those parents were doing was so silly. Well, I'm sure God smiled a little evilly when he blessed us with twins. "Now lets see how well you do, buhahaha" must have been his thoughts. "Yes God, you are right. Just thought I would make amends by clarifying a few things with this blog"

Why Are Twins Dressed Alike?

I used to think it was so stupid when parents used to dress their twins alike (I still do think that when parents dress their non-twin children alike). Why would you rob your children of their identity? Why wouldn't you try to create separate ones? Are you trying to be cute or confusing to others? Well well, once my boys became self-aware I tried a couple of times to explain why it was ok if one wore a Mickey Mouse t-shirt and the other wore a 'car' T-shirt. If one wore jeans (jeans pant as they and the maid called it) and the other wore shorts, it wasn't the end of the world. But no, it had to be the same. Plus these little ones have such good memory that if we paired off something then they would only wear the same pair every time. God forbid if something was wet from washing. All hell would break loose. I think this is why twins dress alike, have similar hairstyles and glasses even in adulthood. All their life, they have developed and imprinted the same choices on each other. The only concession my guys allow is different colour combinations (as in red t-shirt / white shorts and blue t-shirt / red shorts is ok but the style of clothing has to be the same).

Why are Toddlers pushed around in prams even after midnight?

I found myself doing this once at around 1.45 am and I mentally sent out a silent apology to all the parents I had mis-judged. We had a super pram which my sis brought from abroad. It looked and was almost as big as an auto. Massive seats side by side with adjusters, all weather cover, suspension on the wheels which were pretty thick and smooth as .... well a baby bum. The boys loved sitting in it and soon they wanted to be put to sleep in it. At that time we were in Bombay and you know the size of the flat. This pram was amazing though, it could turn so easily. Anyway one night, one fellow went off to sleep while the other kept awake and would cry at regular intervals. This would in turn wake up the first fellow and he would start crying. After a couple of hours of this, I decided to take him downstairs. Good news, he went quiet with the new scenario. Bad news, he was wide awake and wasn't showing any signs of sleep. I don't remember when he finally did sleep but it was not downstairs...

Why are children allowed to run around and shout in restaurants?

This is an easy one. It really is because the parents don't care. Not in the way you think but because they have got used to the mayhem happening around them. They probably don't realise it unless the person on the next table is being physically bothered like a toddler pulling a handbag or kids bumping into the chairs. Anyway the novelty of a new place dies down pretty quickly and kids settle in so you can reasonably expect things to quite down after about ten minutes. By quieten, I mean relatively. Kids don't have the skill of voice modulation and if there are two or more, you can expect squabbles as frequent as the India Pak LoC issues.

I was going to add another question Why do women find father of twins very attractive? but it was shot down by my editor-in-chief so that will be taken up separately. So for this would-be parents who have any questions, please feel free to send it in.  Or you could just live with the suspense, probably more fun that way.

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