Important Tips for New Parents
|   Apr 26, 2017
Important Tips for New Parents

After surviving nine months of pregnancy, the process of surrogacy, or adopting a child, you’re probably excited to take your newborn home. This idea will seem both daunting and exciting at the start. However, you don’t need to be too scared. While it can be nerve-wracking since you are a first-time parent, this article will help you understand that you can definitely learn and figure out how to care for your child in a way that is best for you, your partner, and your child.

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Remember, this is an infant who has just entered the world. The child is fragile and not completely immune to germs and bacteria. For this reason, it is your duty to ensure that every aspect of how you raise your child is kept clean. This means washing and sterilizing baby bottles and any other feeding material. In addition, you have to wash all baby clothing using gentle washing liquid. Cupboards and storage for all baby items should be kept clean at all times. You should also clean your surroundings more often to ensure your baby doesn’t touch anything that is unnecessarily dirty. Lastly, make sure you yourself are clean before you handle the infant.

Holding the Baby

During the first few months of babyhood , infants are very fragile. They cannot support their own heads. Therefore, when you carry the child, ensure that you help support the head and neck. Remind others around you to do this when they carry your child. Ensure that you do not move too quickly when rocking your baby to sleep. Any shaking can result in serious injuries to the baby. It can cause internal bleeding and even serious brain damage. For this reason, you should also make sure any car seats are fastened properly. Under no circumstances should your baby be shaken or thrown around, especially during the first few months.


As you know, you should stick to feeding your baby breast milk or formula during the first few months. You should invest in baby bottles, breast pumps, and formula before your baby comes. Newborns need to be fed very often. They have small stomachs and digestive systems. Therefore, they cannot hold much at once, which requires constant feeding. Feed when they demand it. As your baby grows older, you can begin incorporating solid food items, such as pureed vegetables and fruit, small amounts of yogurt, and even pureed lean meet.

Cleaning Your Baby

A newborn does not need to be cleaned often. You should not make a habit of regularly bathing a new child, as this can be detrimental to their health. Instead, you should wipe your baby with a warm wet cloth in a very gentle manner. Make sure to dry your baby afterward to avoid rashes. Finally, dress your baby in freshly washed clothes to ensure proper hygiene.

It takes effort and vigilance to take care of a baby, especially in the first few months, as the baby adjusts to life outside of the womb. As long as you follow these tips and provide loving care to your children, they will be healthy and fine.

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