Weaning of my baby .... the first milestone .... :)
|   May 08, 2016
Weaning of my baby .... the first milestone .... :)

April 14 .... kalpana woke up b4 alarm bell rang ... of-course this is one of a rare thing to happen .... Today her lil princes Diah has completed 6 month . KAlpana managed to keep Diah only on lactation till now ... She has been planning for this day since a long while ... By now she has set up an array of question in her mind and also in memo (lyk how to do and don'ts of weaning ), so that there wont be any chance of skipping anything .... she suddenly switch off d alarm as she has a lot of work to complete within limited time , which is next to impossible for her with Diah awake ... with almost a hurricane speed kalpana finished all her work , now she has 30 min in her hand for making the cutie pie ready .. on the other side Rakesh was of no hurry ... like every day after wake up he dug himself into news paper ... they ware 15 min late for the doc appointment ,as RAkesh couldnt get ready on time ..This irritated kalpana a bit but she remained silent ... They had a brief discussion with paediatrician regarding weaning of baby , next vaccination , and a lot more about how to take a good care of a growing baby ...While coming out of doc cabin both of them looked each other . Couple looked very happy and emotional ... Happy coz they have done a good job in raising their first baby without any helping hand of experienced person and emotional coz their lil princes has grown enough to experience the out side world by her own ... On their way back home , kalpana was somewhere lost in the amid of some memories ..Past one and half an year was freshly flashing in her eyes .. Its true time flew within blink of eye ....Traffic-jam , honking horn , cranky bay and Rakesh one after another tried best to drag her out to the present time but all in vain ... This time duration of one and a half year played roll of big transformation in her lyf ... Now she is a completely changed person ... She is satisfied about this change ..Her gestational duration imbibe some of glorious quality like patience , sensibility , caring and stability within her .. Meanwhile the post natal duration shaped her into a strong and pragmatic person ... She is no more an emotional fool , who only knowns how to nod her head without even giving a single thought about outcome .. Now she takes stand for herself and for her baby ... she has not forgotten her responsibility , but now she better knows how to priorities things .. Time has taught her to say NO to those who have been taken her granted ... The day she stepped into motherhood, she promised to herself that she ll be the protecting shell of the tiny lyf , and she is till now ...For the first time when she said No to all the traditional superstitious tips (gharelu nuska ), she had to face the anguish of her in-laws .. At some point of time she also had to stand against Rakesh , who is a true believer of traditional superstition . According to Rakesh elders of the family are some kind of encyclopaedia.. what ever they believe and say are always right .. He could even challenge science to prove them correct ...Kalpana had to face a very hard time to change the stereotypic faith . BY holding tiny lil hands of Diah she has managed to overcome all the huddles in this 6 month .. with a sudden jerk of road hump kalpana came out of the thought and realized they have enter into the apartment parking area ... she looked at Rakesh and smile . Rakesh on other-side with his all time fev dialouge " Darling why do u take so much tension ... just relaxed and be happy ... Everything ll be okay .. Diah is daughter of mine ... she will do everything by her own ,, just lyk me "and started laughing alone .. " yeah .. u r right Rakesh .. now i Am happy and will always be " with a smile kalpana gave her reply ... After dropping them home Rakesh drove to office ... As kalpana entered home she gave a tight hug to her lil jaan , kissed her " thank u so much for coming into my life and making it a worthy. she prepared mashed boiled rice with much care and affection ... She felt like making the toughest dish ... the moment she offered first spoon to lil angel her eyes filled with moist , but lil Diah leaked her first food as if she is an expert in doing this ......

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