|   Oct 08, 2016

The day seemed as usual ... just like every other day I opened my eyes seeing my little angel along by my side ... thanked to lord for giving me all the happiness and strength to over come obstacles of my life .... then started planing for the day what to do and what to cook and all ... All of a sudden a thought ran into my mind b4 even the completion of my day schedule in mind .. Alas what about the saplings that I planted ... are they able to over come the last night storm ... they are so tiny ... are they alive or all my hard-work ave gone waste ... Without wasting much time in making assumption I jump out of my bed and ran to the balcony ... As I open my door a sooth breeze touched my face and what my eyes saw were completely overwhelming .... All the six marry-gold saplings were standing strait and tiny cute leaves were waving along with the breeze , as if they were also eagerly wanting to welcome me ...The golden ray of sunlight was giving them a royal view ... for the moment I felt like they are just not any ordinary sapling ... they are some kind of thing belongs to AURUM family ..... Immediately I texted to all the dear ones who were aware of the incident and started my day with an unknown happiness and enthusiasm ... There is valid reason behind my waving emotion .... since last 1 month I am working on marigold seeds , giving then right amount of light n water ... then they grew into little sapling .... finally big enough to plan them in different pot .. yesterday I managed to devote time for that apart from doing my regular hectic schedule ..... in the afternoon it was raining heavily followed by a strong flow of wind ... though my total attention was on them but I felt helpless ... i was only praying to god .... the saplings were almost dead ... they bended on the ground .... As i continued with my daily household work lots of thought ran in my mind ... I felt there was some kind of message from god ... this encouraged me to pen my emotion and share with you people ... This incident can be related to our daily life ... In many situation we do all hard-work but eagerly wanted to hear compliment others ... we let their appreciation boost our self-confidence and a negative to destroy it .... The above narrated story make me realized , if I am the person who have put my energy and time for something , then I need to be the person who is responsible for the result solely ... why would I let someone else control on my action ... yes you are most welcome for giving your valuable feedback to improve me .... but keeping expectation that everything good is because of you and all rest for me is absolutely absurd ..

i find this story is applicable in every day to day activity , it could be preparing a mouthwatering dish for guest or giving interior to home de-core or in some beneficial investment idea or kitchen garden or ALSO IN RISING UP OUR LIL ONE .... i believe every women are capable enough to take responsibility by their own ... we don't need identity as wife of so and to so , daughter of so and so or sis of so and so do a appreciable job .... WE ARE BORN TO BLOOSOM WHAT EVER MAY THE SITUATION AND SPREAD FRAGNANCE IN THIS GOD'S BEAUTIFUL WORLD... OFCOURSE A CARING AND WARM HAND OF A GARDENER IS ALWAYS APPRICIATING , but without it WE WILL BLOSSOME ...NO MATTER WHAT EVER SITUATION IS THERE ...

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