Is drinking everything?
|   Dec 06, 2016
Is drinking everything?

Is drinking is important then family? Is drinking gives u that pleasure which ur family can't gives ? Is drinking is more then ur family?  Why ? Who is responsible for this? I have seen many happily families whose families destroyed by friends. One of my relatives he was working in a MNC and has kids and lovely wife.his life was going smoothly but after few days I met with his wife and his wife was very worried about his drinking habits she said about his husband that he doesn't have time for themselves and for kids. He drinks   twice or thrice in a week . He spent all his salary in drinking and with friends and he uses abusive language to his wife and behaves badly....  I just want to ask one question is this the aura of the drinking? I m not saying don't drink but drink once in a month or occasionally and above this don't destroy the personal life because of it......and plz be aware of bad friends .... Sometimes it's ok to have drink but not everyday and weakened because it's not good at all. A man who drinks can never understand the feeling of a wife , parents and kids. Because for him drinking is everything coz it gives him pleasure and relaxation. I would like to suggest to them plz don't drink much drink once in a month and enjoy urself and let ur family enjoy ur company.....       

Drinking habits brings what? Nothing .

It brings sorrow and dispute in personal life that's it. yes family gathering gives u pleasure and happiness . To spend good quality time with family and kids can bring happiness.....

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