Books that build life skills in our children
|   Apr 11, 2017
Books that build life skills in our children

 I recently decided to pivot my hobby of reading into a business model after a 15 years corporate career. It was a scary choice that I made. It is still scary. But within these layers of commerce,self doubt and insecurity is something I cherish-the time I get to spend with my 11 year old. The time I get to talk to her about her day, her likes & dislikes-not in a regimented manner, but as a free flowing conversation over lunch, once she is back from school.

As the founder of India's first books based micro-learning service, my business challenge is can reading the right books help adults strengthen their competencies? As a parent, I see a related challenge- can reading the right books help our children become better human beings? My answer is YES on both accounts. On the former, I need to build commercial viability to make it sustainable, on the latter I have no such constraint.

This blog, on mycity4kids platform, is an attempt to share books that I believe will make our children better human beings.

What is a better human being? For me, the answer lies in the skill set that we, as parents, help our children build. Are we focusing on our children being better in academics, in swimming, in piano, in math and so on? Is there an evening class that is helping our children build life skills? Is there a network of coaching classes that helps our children become "better" in being kind, in being empathic? Can life skills be taught?

While I am not aware of formal training schools for children to build their life skills (outside their school and family environs), I do believe that reading the right books does help in consciously building life skills. But which books are these? I do not claim to have all the answers, but because I read books 24/7 as my "job", I do believe I can guide you to some that I have read. And then you can suggest as well.

How is this children book recommendation blog different from the many (extremely good) blogs doing a similar job? This blog will recommend books every Friday, but with the added filter of which life skill does the book help build in your child. So you may not find the latest blockbuster in children's literature being recommended here. Some books will be for the children, and some for the parents as well. 

I do hope you enjoy bookbhook's book recommendations on helping build life skills in our children. Do share your recommendations as well.

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