My life Book - Unfolds
|   Jul 14, 2016
My life Book - Unfolds
In this universe we have billions of stories revolving around, all connected with each other in some way or the other. A human being's life is like a story, which is already written up above with a set timeline. A start and an end already decided. We all just come to unveil those stories and play our parts. Like a famous saying “life is a stage and we are all actors". Good and bad things in life act as a catalyst to build us as what we are. People coming and going out of our lives are like co-actors who come and play their part in our stories and vice versa, as we play our parts in their life stories. 
This blog is my first brisk with writing, with this I would like to share my life with you. Unfold “my life book” with you all. Revisit those pages all over again, some would bring a tear in a eye and some will bring a bright smile on face. I would like to go on this roller coaster ride of life again with you all. This blog will be my medium of being part of the community of incredibly strong women (especially mothers) here on this platform. By which we all share our thoughts, our perspective of nicks and bricks of life.
Every heart has thousands of thoughts and feelings, mine is also filled with pain of 6 year long “failed” marriage, mental and physical abuse from a man who we called "husband", torturous in-laws, painful premature birth of my child, single mother realities, fear of raising a child alone and besides this many sweet moments with my 2 year old son; the one who is "my ray of hope", "my sunshine", “my life”.
Having such khatta metha experience in life and many more jitters expected in future, my heart is still filled with hope, aspirations and dreams. My soul who is wounded to the core, still have strength to get up and fly high. All this make me realize that one should live life as a “Free Soul”.
So let’s start this journey of many sweet blog posts about life, dreams, general issues, parenting, fun and full of LOVE.
Love To all... 

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