Tantrum Queen
|   Aug 27, 2015
Tantrum Queen

Tantrums, tantrums,  and tantrums...at each and every step a new tantrum is underway. I don't understand from where the kids get the mind and plan for them.  I swear, raising kids requires a hell lot of patience and which is a difficult attribute for me to achieve. The more I try to control at one point, the more trials are waiting for me to get slashed. 

Sometimes diverting the kids attention works, but that's not even 1% of the situations. It's totally exhausting, irritating and frustrating altogether leading to anger. No matter how much I try to avoid the situations leading to anger, but the tantrums hidden in the nooks and corners of the house just ruins my efforts. 

I am just surprised that earlier I had reached a point where I felt no anger to express, as always I had an escape for it.... But with my kid, it's like I just can't help pulling my hairs. Even my kid has developed the anger attribute, if she wants something and is refused then all she will do is crying, crying,  and crying,  and when it seems not working, she starts throwing things to the floor. 

Why the kids are so stubborn supporting their wrong demands. Just say no to any of their wishes and bang starts on the drama. 

Somewhere I fear that I am lacking something  in parenting, and this self doubt is really depressing at times . Only way to be at peace is just keep on fulfilling the incoming demands. The more I resist the more is the drama. I just fear that this surrender of mine may not make her stubborn and spoilt. 

Taking a stand at this point is really the need of time for betterment of my kid. She should be able to hear and accept a "no" for things she demands. Just giving in won't do good for her upbringing.

So let me get ready for some more drama in everyday life,  as my tantrum Queen is going to increase the intensity and frequency of her tantrums. All the best for me..
While I am writing here, my drama queen is in the arms of sweet, calm, deep sleep all hugged around me, making me forget every ranting. Her innocent face tempting me to cuddle her, kiss her forehead and just make sure she sleeps well. 

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