Sustainable Life... is what our planet needs
|   Feb 13, 2017
Sustainable Life... is what our planet needs

After finishing to write my previous blogs on having meaningful birthdays for children, I will be writing the next series of blogs on an important aspect 'Sustainability', which is overlooked within the day to day political, economical, social and personal issues of life.

Sustainability is a term used loosely on many aspects of life today. 'Sustainability' is to create a lifestyle that can sustain itself - something that avoids further depletion of what we have but lives healthily within the existing. It means to live in the present by not compromising the future existence. 

Living green, following the Reuse-Reduce-Recycle concepts, upcycling, saving our planet and the endless drives to make our dying planet survive is what we are exposed to on day to day basis. But are we just hearing it from one ear and passing it out from the other?

What are your thoughts on sparing a few minutes or hours of your life each day to make our planet liveable for future generations? Is one's life's aim all about me, myself, my beliefs, my life, my income, my food, my luxuries, my basics, my surroundings and me, me and only me? As an earthling, every individual owes respect and dedication to saving our dying ecology, geography and the ripple effect of these.

So what are the baby steps to start with... We can discuss this from part to whole :

1) 'Change your mindset' and make this a part of your day to day living

2) 'Practise and preach' the future generation of your children by setting examples

3) 'Make a start' within your home and family

4) 'Take up' the next step to improvise and supervise ways to save our planet within your locality or housing/office development

5) 'Get involved' at your city or town level. If you do not have the time, then you may support an appropriate NGO dealing with these issues. Now 'you are' in charge of the air, water and land in your vicinity before you point fingers to any state and central government in the past or present

6) 'Browse' through policies of your country and suggest on improvisation rather than cribbing about situations. 

7) 'Learn' from other countries with appropriate examples and raise your own bar to that level.

All this needs is maximum of half an hour of your time each day, dedication and commitment. Make a difference with your thought, passion and action.

So let us start our journey while we travel through the most important requirement of today - Sustainability.

Are you a true Earthling?! Time to test out and prove yourself from the next blog onwards...

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