Baby avatars during breastfeeding!
|   Aug 04, 2017
Baby avatars during breastfeeding!

“Breastfeeding” is the quickest, easiest and healthiest choice made by a mother for her baby. This is the time exclusively meant to improve the bonding between the two. Every baby has a different avatar in which he is mostly in. However, every time you breastfeed your baby; he or she may also show the exclusive new avatar, varying upon the time and his mood. I breastfed both of my kids for comparatively longer time; my elder one was breastfed for around 22 months and younger one for 21 months. During this long period of breastfeeding journey, I came across different moods of both at various times. I have tried to classify these vivid avatars of a baby during the breastfeeding; as follows:-

  • The marathon runner:-

Whether or not your baby is hungry, whether or not his tummy is full after ten minutes of breastfeeding, he will keep on enjoying the milky-way as never before. He will leave it only in two cases – either he is slept or the vomiting session is about to start. My elder one was of this type in his infancy.

  • The mess-lovers:-

The infants falling in this category are the ones who believe in making balance between the input-output. The milk in, pee or poo out! Most of the babies show this avatar in first year of their birth.

  • The dominant ones:-

In this avatar, the baby continues feed from one side while keeping his one hand securing the other side too. His behaviour makes you feel like a mom of a ‘Chakravarti samrat’ to be ;)

  • The gratitude lovers:-

These types of babies take the feed in couple of sessions, each of them comprising of few minutes. After every session, they look into the eyes of their mommies, smile as if saying ‘thank you mommy’ and thereafter enter the new session. This continues after every session. Though the feeding time may extend, yet this avatar is the best one!

  • The one with the turtle speed:-

 These types of babies always have ample time for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The will enjoy each and every drop of the milk as if it is the rarest treasure got after tons of efforts.

  • The aggressive bully:-

The baby is hungry. He has given indication with his crying session. More delay you do, avoidable or unavoidable; more aggressive he turns. Once turned aggressive, he won’t drink a drop of milk, howsoever hungry he is. You try to feed him forcefully, he will bite you, scratch you, hit you with every possible thing in approach. Yes, he is still an infant!

  • The helping hands:-

This one is my little girl’s exclusive avatar after she started walking and had shown this avatar till I weaned her at the age of 21 months. She used to bring her mat and even mobile so that I can check the messages over there while she is having her feed.

  • The choosy-woosy tot:-

In this avatar, it is the baby, not you, who decides from which side feed should be taken. Howsoever efforts you put, he will not have the feed from the side desired by you. He is the king and king does not follow you, you need to follow him, whatever the decision may be.

  • The time tables:-

These types of babies are just like time tables. Their feed time is so fixed that you can match your watch. They wake up at specific intervals to have their feed and this scene continues throughout their breastfeeding journey.

  • The addictive ones:-

These babies need the feed every now and then; hunger, place and fact that last feed was given only few minutes before does not matter at all! Once having few drops, they are satisfied and you can continue your work until the addiction raises its head again!


These were the various avatars that I have seen during my breastfeeding journey with my two kids. Do comment which avatars you saw in your baby during your breastfeeding journey!

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