|   Jan 25, 2017

My little champ.. you have turned seven a couple of days before. Time flies leaving lots of memories each day. Past seven years of motherhood have taught me a no. of golden lessons of life, particularly, ‘the patience’. The test of patience started with your birth when you cried the whole night, every night till you turned 1.5 months. I couldn’t sleep the whole night, even the days also were most of the time sleepless, as you were awaken even in the day, sleeping a little in between. Still, I had to keep patience as neither, could you understand my situation nor could I.

Afterwards, I had to keep lots of patience to see your first step on your own. I had heard babies normally start walking on their own at the age range of 9 months to one year, with some exceptions who walk at the age of 13-15 months. So, my wait started when you turned 9 months. I kept on waiting everyday to see your first step. You turned 1 year, 13 month, 14 months & even crossed 15 months but didn’t walk on your own despite fact that everything other, your height, weight and activities were normal. Testing me to the fullest, you took your first step exactly at the age of 1.5 years which is much beyond the normal time. Even the kids born months after your birth had already become perfect in this task.

As you were growing older, you were becoming calm and cool except when you faced any stranger. Seeing a stranger was similar to having a glimpse of ghost as you started crying hard and harder. It was very difficult for me to keep you silent in front of any stranger. Stranger here included every such person whom you didn’t see everyday or every alternate day. Yes, it means you cried in front of every person except your parents and grandparents. It was difficult to take you out until you turned 2-2.25 years. Thereafter also, you didn’t even exchange a smile with any other person. But I was satisfied that atleast you don’t cry now. However, I used to think how shall I be able to send you to school?

To my utter surprise, you went school happily and calmly first day and everyday thereafter. Your first parents-teachers’ meeting was also memorable one as your class-teacher said ‘your son is the gentleman of our class’. I haven’t received a single complaint on your behaviour or any other aspect, except that you are not stage-savvy. Yes, you had fear of public speaking which needed attention according to your teachers as well as me.

I tried to make you come out of this fear by registering your name in a baby show. You were 3.5 years then. The kids of your age group walked onto the stage with their moms and gave their introduction on their own. You were the only one who hide behind me when it was your turn to give your intro. I gave your intro happily as you didn’t ran out or cried seeing so many people in front of you. Again I had to keep patience till you turned 5.5 years to see improvement on this aspect.

It was story-telling competition in your school and I prepared with you (yes, I didn’t prepare you, I prepared with you) like past two years. When you returned from school, you happily told “Mumma, I got selected in story telling competition”. As per school’s norms, all the students were asked to tell story in front of his/her class. The 3-4 students were selected therefrom who represented their class in the main competition held in front of judges. You didn’t secure any position in the main competition, but I was still happy as you managed to tell the story in front of judges and you were the same person who did not speak a single word and hide behind me in front of large no. of audience.

Now, at the age of seven, still there are a few other aspects of your personality that requires improvement. But I have strong belief and faith in you. I know you will soon overcome all such problems and negativities. I am patiently waiting for those little successes my child!

I am a happy mom. I love and enjoy each and every success of my child irrespective of the fact that the other kids of his age have already attained it. Comparing our child to other children every now and then hampers his growth and de-motivates him/her. Also, we as a parent are not able to enjoy those little joys as we are busy in comparing our little joys with the big medals of other children. A happy mom can only raise a happy child – I strongly believe in it and also believe that we should be patient, happy and keep on motivating our children for his/her little achievements. Believe me, it will not only improve your bonding with your kids but will also given you eternal joy and happiness in this busy and hectic life.

P.S. Every child is special and blessed with some unique quality or talent. Only our patience and motivation can bring it out and make our child shine brighter and brighter.

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