Letter to a busy husband
|   Feb 19, 2017
Letter to a busy husband

Dear Husband,

It has been couple of years since we got married. My life has substantially changed since then. I had few dreams and aspirations about my husband before I got married and I am sad to say that majority of them have remained a dream till date as you are busy enough to make them a reality.

In these few years, I realize that I got married to you only to handle the household chores and take care of our kids and your parents. Your duty is simply limited to fulfill the financial needs of your family. To the people around us, we are happily married as we have quite good income, parents and kids. But I am unable to accept this. I believe I was supposed to live a better life, not financially but emotionally.

Since past few years, I have been struggling hard to prove my identity. But inspite of working hard and harder, I am unable to gain desired respect from your parents. In every few days, my heart gets broken by the words and deeds of your parents but I don’t react in order to maintain the peace in home. My silence is misunderstood every time. I am not complaining to you about this as I understand the term “generation gap” which is much-much more between a daughter in law and her in laws as compared to a son/daughter and his/her parents. All I want to say that at end of the day, I need someone with whom I can share and lighten my heart. I don’t expect you to fight back. I clearly understand that it is not possible to change a 60+ person. I simply want you to be there with me, listen to me and make me feel better. I am not able to give you even passing marks on this very point as everyday when you return home, it’s too late and you are tired as it was a busy day again!

I was damn excited about having kids and wanted to enjoy those precious 9 months of pregnancy with you. I wanted to get pampered atleast in those 9 months which are the lifetime memory for any woman. You gave me two beautiful kids but I am sad to recall that you were busy enough to make my pregnancy a happy one. I had reminded you again and again that this time won’t come back but every time you said my business is under setting up stage and everything will get settled and thereafter I’ll have so much time to spend with you. Our kids have grown up now but still I hear the same dialogue everyday that some more time to go. Sorry to say, but being busy is a choice not a fate!

I am not happy as this state of being busy is adversely affecting our kids’ development. I have only heard about “family time”. But tell me, do we take even a single meal together? Taking us out for a dinner in a month or two in an expensive restaurant or a resort cannot be said to be a ‘family time’ in my view, particularly when there are regrets of not being working on your face even that time. Kids want ‘our’ time at this age. What we will give them today will come back to us in future. You are giving them luxuries, so think what will be our old-age returns, a full time attendant with modern equipments to help us out in our old age. Simply because, our kids will also be busy just like you throughout their youth and our old age. Children adopt what they see. So try to set a good example for them!

So far as I am concerned, I have stopped complaining about this. You might be noticing the change in me as I don’t care when you return home. Neither I complain, nor I share anything special with you. It is sign of a broken-relation. Yes, it is, I have accepted and soon you will also accept as credit cards and debits cards with enough bank balances cannot make us happy. We need to spare time with our loved ones for eternal happiness.

I don’t have any complains about your behaviour or nature, but giving time is the only way to nurture and make any relation lively as ever. So do make efforts, if not for me, for your kids..

Waiting for the positive change in life!


Yours not so busy wife..

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