She is a widow & wears red saree #StopJudging her!
|   Mar 17, 2017
She is a widow & wears red saree #StopJudging her!

She lost her husband at an early age. Losing the love, support and liveliness of life at an early age is vicious for a lady. It leaves behind a lot of memories and a no. of responsibilities. She wants to leave the world too and go after him, but the innocent faces of her children pull her back to life. She finds it hard, but howsoever manages to start living her life, not for herself, but for her children. However, the people around him manage bit more to make her task difficult.

She is reminded everyday that she has lost her husband and her biggest support. The people’s voice is soften only when they come for condolences. Otherwise, they are always ready to hit her emotionally every now and then. Her character is judged by the colour of her saree. If she makes her own choices, it becomes the talk of the town. People came to soothe her in the tough time and asked to relive her life, not for herself but for her children. But once she starts doing, every act of her is judged.

How the life changes over-nightly! How rigid our traditions are to the widows! She is supposed to wear only few colours, red, yellow, orange being the forbidden ones, not allowed to take part in festivals, hawans, weddings or other such shubh-karmas, not allowed to apply henna or wear make-up, not supposed to cross anyone who is starting a new journey or work, etc. This list is very long and strong enough to weaken even a courageous woman.

Yes, it has been few months her husband left her alone and she has started to manage the home, children and both the sets of parents. She has to go out, she has to earn, she has to talk to people and manage each and every work that was earlier done by the two. Yes, she wears red saree too; but dare not judge her by the colour of her saree. It was her husband’s favourite and now it’s demanded by her children who are innocent enough to understand the rigidities of these customs. She wears makeup too, but it is only to hide her darken eyes which have not been able to sleep since he left her all alone. Yes, she laughs, she participates in festivals and other ceremonies livingly, but inside she is all alone. She cries everyday when she feels lonely and is not able to express or manage anything. Merely because she doesn’t express or speak on the issue, does not make her a selfish and arrogant lady. She knows one day everything will be fine and she will be able to manage her home and children perfectly and people around her will stop judging her.  

So folks, she has chosen to live her life back, to raise her children in the way she dreamt with her husband. All this requires efforts and hard work. She is doing her work honestly, so you are requested to keep your mouth shut and let her do the work. Do not dare to judge her by the colour of her saree or by the make up she puts on. She has already suffered the biggest loss of her life and is now trying to cope it. Do not make her feel inferior every now and then and demoralize her. The loss in her life is irreplaceable. She is trying a lot to manage, so appreciate her, help her, and for god’s sake #StopJudging her…

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