The most precious thing is soon lost in marriage... Love... The Love Lost
|   Jun 05, 2016
The most precious thing is soon lost in marriage... Love... The Love Lost

The Love Lost

“Let’s go from the other street as this one is full of cosy couples”, said Ayika’s husband. Ayika looked at her husband reminiscing the time they dated and used to search for a suitable place to meet! She realised how she cherished those moments and missed the time when she was the only priority in his life. They had dated for a long period of time before getting married but now after being married for 4 years the spark had started fading between them. The responsibilities that suddenly fall on young married couples’ shoulders lead to a shock for the newlyweds. Parents, who had spoon fed their children for all the household chores, now suddenly expect their children to handle their life on their own and also to take up the parent’s responsibilities, along with the job and household chores. In order to fulfil their desires and earn a living the young couple forgets the reason for which they had got married, that was love. They are so engrossed in their hectic life that love making itself becomes a task! As settling into one’s carrier takes so long these days, that the biological clock starts ticking and it is important for the couple to plan a baby soon, if they ever wish to be parents! Then soon a baby comes into their lives and the little worth of the lady of the house completely disappears. On every special occasion or in general life too, she tries to divert her husband’s attention back towards her. In the same way Ayika always wanted her husband to spend some quality time with her but he never prioritised being with her exclusively. Most of the time he was overworked hence extremely tired, sometimes their time went into family gatherings and most of the times the baby didn’t let them be together. A lot of arguments and discussions went off in explaining what Ayika actually meant to say.

Out of job for the baby and being at home the whole day, made Ayika extremely lonely but her love for her husband always inspired her to be a little more patient and gave her hope that things will definitely fall in place. She also felt that the importance she gave him was not being reciprocated, may be because men are usually less vocal about their love whereas women are most of the times very communicative about their feelings. It is surprising though that those men are quite vocal about criticising or bulling someone! Whenever Ayika used to ask her husband why can’t he ever compliment her, there came a prompt reply that, ‘mai aisa hi hoon’( I’m like this).

Why can’t men make an effort to change themselves slightly to make their wife feel loved? I know it is wrong to stereotype men but this is a general observation of Indian men. They don’t make an attempt to compliment their wife or make them feel loved as their perception generally is that they are working hard to facilitate them so what’s the need to say ‘I Love You’ or ‘you look beautiful’ every time! Isn’t it understood! But who can explain them that sometimes a little show off is important too. Ayika also always never left a chance to cuddle her hubby in order to get his attention. She always kept trying to bring the crazy love and bond they shared back into their life by planning some dates with her husband or by leaving her baby at her mum’s place for some time so that she could spend some alone time with the love of her life. She also started keeping herself occupied so as to not think too much about the lost love! Whenever someone suggested them to have another baby, Ayika used to get really scared as she didn’t want to go one more place down in her husband’s priority list!

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