Irritating ALIENS on Earth
|   Dec 05, 2016
Irritating ALIENS on Earth

As I was walking on the street... busy with my thoughts... I saw a man balancing himself on a 2-wheeler with his wife.. ( I assumed so because her hands were around his bulged stomach) a pillion rider who was attentively holding her toddler who stood between her and her husband and a child on his bike's engine whose head was constantly hitting his chin... between all those ...inspite of focusing on traffic....he was gazing at me.... For a second I thought I might know him, but I was wrong...  this has happened to many like me ... on roads, workplace, neighborhood.. public places in general...wonder why men stare ...?

I call men as incorrigible flirts who cannot take their eyes off other women even when they are in stable relationships.

I have noticed the staring is often age related... The more a guy grows older ..the more they stare...they stare irrespective of whether a girl is married or single...mothers too  are not spared....

I have seen many men looking from corner of their as if we are from different planet. Some men dont even bother to pull their attention elsewhere when stared back. Their eyeballs get struck. Most guys have this habit of staring that are simply immutable......Some leer...ogle...that stare is creepy, like A serial killer. 

Staring is often rude, unless the person you are staring at is putting on a performance. 

I have also heard women saying, "Men are men" or "Men will be men". .... But I wonder, does saying those words solve our problem? Or have we just accepted helplessly? 

Men out there... listen...

Women and girls have lives that don't revolve around men that they don't know...

Many men think that simply returning a look is literally "asking" for his attention. That her returned stare is equivalent to consent for the man to take up her time. Whereas a woman internally thinks "Ugh, how can I get out of this? Why did I look at him?"

We feel awkward, uneasy and uncomfortable when you seize our freedom.... leave us alone. .

Frustrated, I call men as Irritating ALIENS on Earth!

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