Buy books for kids and spend almost nothing
|   Jul 05, 2017
Buy books for kids and spend almost nothing

My 18-month-old chases us entire day with book in hand asking to be read and told what all pictures are. She may still be speaking gibberish right now but can identify most of her books. It makes me so happy to see her eyes brightening up when she browses through a new book. But books cost so much, especially ones for little toddlers. And if you want to keep their interest alive you need to keep getting new once as they get bored easily.

So, I was looking for a solution and stumbled upon this Facebook group “Paradise for little readers”. It’s a closed group managed by Shivani Kanodia, she regularly posts a roster of waiting-to-be-discovered pre-loved kids’ books. The books costs pennies so you can easily create a little library for your young reader. You can buy board books, sound books, lift the flaps, touch and feel books, encyclopedias, Hindi and bilingual books etc.

Over last one year I have collected many interesting books and some books just because they had good pictures for my little book lover.

The books are almost new condition and if there is some obvious damage Shivani notifies in the post. The books at times have some cute imprint of love it has received from its previous owner which I think is quite charming.

Placing an order is quite simple, new arrivals are announced on the Facebook page and once you say a title is yours, Shivani will hold it for you. If your cart reaches INR 1,500, you get free shipping otherwise you pay a nominal change of INR 50. The books can also be picked up from Sector 54 in Gurgaon. You can pay online and contact Shivani via Facebook for any help. Various offers and discounts are announced from time to time to help extend your collection and spending as minimal as possible.

Join to explore latest collection, and buy here.

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