It's your right, be Happy
|   Feb 19, 2017
It's your right, be Happy

Being happy is everyone's right. Be it a girl or a boy,  a just married couple, a new parent, or new grand parent. A new added responsibility always take away the happiness from us. In the admist of understanding to execute things perfectly, we at times overdo on ourselves and gets exhausted mentally and physically. 

So take a break and recharge yourself. We always cannot plan a holiday to rejuvenate ourselves. In our busy lives we need to find a way to boost ourselves, to cut all the negatives and odds to feel better and keep going.

I myself have practiced, and understood through time what works best for me. Here, I have listed down few. Hope it works best for you too.

1) Think of all the good things - If we observe there are many good things that has happened in our lives. Count from your childhood. It really works. Thinking process itself starts making you feel better.

2) List the good things happened with you - To make ourselves feel blessed we should list all the good things that has happened with you in your past. Read and re-read them whenever you feel low. The feel good factor will engulf you leaving behind all the negatives.

3) Discover a hobby - Try your hands at all the things which attracts you. You will surely discover a creative side of self. Indulge yourself in the one which satisfies your heart. You will feel content and happy. There are different types of classes going around. Find out some and go ahead doing it. During these classes you might just find a new you.

4) Listen to happy numbers - All of us are fond of music may of different types. Listen to happy numbers, the ones which are played at wedding. The silence will change to lively surround. You will start humming and tapping on the number you like. And odd thoughts will fly away from you.

5) Talk to positive people - Analyze your surrounding to find positive people and talk to them everyday. Your mind will have all the plus thoughts and will keep you smooth.

6) Learn to smile - No matter what smile always makes people melt and be humble with you. Smile do spreads positivity and help us gather courage to keep us going.

7) Learn to say No - There are things in everybody's life which makes them unhappy. We should avoid them by saying No. When we say no to such things there itself we start feeling better. We feel relaxed and execute other things more confidently.

8) Don't desire to be perfect in everything - There are hundreds of things you do, don't expect yourself to be cent percent in all. In such desire you over exert and that takes toll on your mental and physical health. So, understand this first and relax.

9) Pamper yourself - You as an individual has full right to pamper yourself to feel good about yourself. Go for a spa, a tattoo, or maybe some daring hair colour which you wanted to try and feel happy. 

10) Take a vow - You can be happy if you wish to be happy. Take a vow and feel the difference. Being happy is a practice. Practice practice and you will become better. One day you will have to take no efforts to be happy.

Be happy and find your surrounding more colourful. Don't just live life, love it. 


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