Want an easy life
|   Jan 04, 2017
Want an easy life

My friend is getting married. She is so nervous to deal with a new relationship. She said things are going to get difficult and complicated. Answer to her nervousness was the mantra I have discovered for life."To go with the FLOW". You choose on areas where you get an opportunity and for rest you follow the mantra. Life will be at peace.

On hanging up, my mind swayed back to the days when I was about to get married. Was I confused or I followed my mantra. I was happy enjoying the rituals and the functions not taking load of future. Things are as they were meant to be, it is how you take it. At times we aren't prepared for situations and we find it difficult.

Life from my professional days to service days and from my wedded life to motherhood has been challenging in different ways. We learn to fight with situations when we are into it. Similarly as children learn to swim when they are put into water. Dealing with things makes you tougher and you learn your lesson very fast cause it's practical.

Since the time I have surpassed the challenges, an immense sense of satisfaction is felt. I enjoy the victory in my mind and soul even today. After every such challenge I discover a new me which i never knew ever existed.

We have only one life. We should do things which we have dreamt of and which makes us happy within. Once we start, trail of events will follow us. Life will be on a different gear and we will love life. A kick-start is required to enjoy life. Life is all about flow, stagnancy is death.

Challenges are the push which shines you. You walk towards becoming a beautiful and content person.

Easy life doesn't allow you to bounce on the trampoline called life and reach the top. The fight should be within you to become a better you. Let the world know you are in competition.

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