|   Oct 10, 2016


Banana yellow, Mint blue-green, pistachio green, sky blue, candy pink and peach orange. We aren’t talking about your favourite sorbet flavours :) These soft and sophisticated hues are our choice in ethnic dressing for kids this festive season.



Gentle, soft and sweet. For girls and boys.

We love how pastel shades are a pleasant alternative to the erstwhile bright ethnic clothes seen during festivities. Sorbet colours add freshness and are liberally used for outfits for both girls and boys alike.

The soft colours lend innocence to 'grown-up' clothes such as kurta pyjama or lehenga choli.There is much celebration in these soft tones without the noise :)

Choose from creamy peaches and mellow yellows to wrap your little ones in the festival spirit.

The look is gentle yet rich.

Not too bright, yet very happy.


Accessorize-friendly with all shades of metallic.

Most ethnic outfits by designers carry some gold / silver accents to add richness. These could be trimmings on a dupatta, potli-buttons on the outfit or a patch of embroidery. If you wish to add more sparkle, choose from any shade of metallic accessories or ascents. The good news is that all shades of metal (and diamonds) go very well with these subtle colours

Silver jhumkis, gold juttis, rose-gold ribbons, dull-gold trimmings - choose shiny trinkets that your child prefers.



Another great way to wear pastels is to mix and match the shades.

Incorporating pastel colours, either subtly or boldly into your child’s outfit says you know your trends! You can easily mix pastels - since the tones are subtle, almost all pastels go with each other.

So try candy pink with creamy tones. Or pale yellow with minty blue-green. The options are endless and you can re invent an old outfit, while keeping the style quotient in place.


Making ethnic trendy!

Wish you a great festive season and Happy Diwali :)

((Clothes/Pictures from Mal The Store / Nee & Oink / Krishna Mehta Junior / Campana / Pinterest

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