Change is sometimes better!
|   May 31, 2017
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Change is sometimes better!

This Mother’s Day, I was wondering how much effort we put in to analyse, scrutinize and evaluate the regular nutrient intake by our kids. This same effort is no value when it comes to our health and food habits. Since the day we have become mothers, we have been given numerous advices by elders, family and friends on the ways to feed the child and keep him/her healthy. Our daily struggle is to keep a balance between ‘Healthy’ food and avoid ‘Junk’ food for us and our kids.  But, just how many of us simply relish the taste of ‘Junk Food’.‘Hey! It’s raining! Let’s have some Chai, Pakode or samose’  ‘Bahut pyaas lagi hai, ek coke lana‘ (I am thirsty, I need some coke)’

‘Aaj nashte mein, aloo ke paranthe hojaye’ (Lets have Aloo Parantha in Breakfast)

‘Chai ke sath ek packet Parle G Biscuits ka toh banta hai’ (I need one packet of Parle G Biscuits with my Tea)'

“Ab, thodi si green tea hojaye 😃 😃 ’ (900 chuhe kha ke billi haj ko chali -- Pretending to be innocent after many sins)

We all know how difficult is to stop looking at that ‘Death by Chocolate’ Donut and keep our eyes straight on that porridge.  But it is important. With the lifestyle we all live in, it is very important to differentiate between healthy and junk food. Healthy snacking and junk snacking. Then only we can maintain that healthy chart for our kids.

Is snacking good or bad?

Let’s start with counting the pros and cons of snacking:

-ve : Overeating,  Obesity, High Cholesterol levels, etc.

+ve : Appetite control, Sustained energy, Better nutrient intake, etc.

Snacking is very important part of our diet. Skipping meals is a big NO NO. But, which snacks we opt for our diet really shapes our world (Round shape if we take the unhealthy snacking options 😝 ).

Hence, we should make our snack time a healthy and a tasty one.  The easiest way to achieve this goal is to double the amount of fruits, vegetables in our diet and lessen/diminish the amount of processed and fried stuff from our diet.

Recently, I have been introduced to NESTLÉ a+ Grekyo (Greek Yoghurt) and I believe it is one of the yummiest & healthiest options available in the market right now. The reason I have liked it more as compared to other yoghurts is because it has real fruit pieces, more milk which means more protein & more calcium, more creamier and thicker. It has 50 % less sugar and the fat is only 2%.

Being a mom to a pre-schooler, I everyday struggle at ideas to feed my child without missing out on the nutritional values of food items.  No matter how hard we try, fussy pre-schoolers always let us down. With this healthy snack option available, I believe I can let me and my child explore the whole new world of amazing flavours packed with multiple benefits which are easily available at reasonable prices.

Few of the recipes which can be made using different flavours of Grekyo yoghurt.

Fruity Pizza

Grekyo Popsicles

Dippy Dips

Grekyo Dots

Wonton Tarts

Excerpt from My #FoodDiary


Recipe by Ms. Rohini Thareja Chawla (Masterchef Season 5 Finalist)

2 serves

½ medium banana 

400 gms strawberry Grekyo Yoghurt

4 tbs toned milk

¼ cup mango slices

¼ cup diced grapes

¼ cup cereal of your choice (oats, corn flakes, chocos)

3-4 raisins

3-4 gems or M&Ms or sugar candies

1 tbs honey

Chocolate sauce for dressing

Popsicle Molds


  • Mash banana in a blender until smooth
  • Slowly add the yoghurt and the milk
  • Put all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl
  • Gently fold cereal with hand to avoid crushing the cereal.
  • First add a bit of cereal at the bottom of the Popsicle mold and pour the mixture in each mold.
  • Freeze for 4-6 hours or completely frozen.

Please note that these Popsicle are a great breakfast option since it’s power packed with healthy stuff.

Now, I am sure that every time a tummy rumbles for something tasty, I have my Grekyo Yoghurts lying in the fridge for my whole family.

Change to healthy snacking!

Change to more protein and calcium!

Change to more milk, more creamier and thicker option!

Change to something better!

Change is sometimes better!

Thanks ‘mycity4kids’ & NESTLÉ for giving me this opportunity to understand new healthy snack options.

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