I experienced Love Again ♥♥
|   Nov 12, 2016
I experienced Love Again ♥♥

That day, I knew something unusual will happen! I had that feeling inside and I was hoping for something really positive. I woke up at 5 AM, got ready and lit a Diya in front of God. I prayed for everyone’s happiness. Then, with deep thoughts, fear, excitement, nervousness, we reached there. That place, where people do not want to go except for the same reason I had gone there. A Hospital!

They made me sit for some time, few formalities and I was given a room. That fear was there. What if!? I took deep breaths. I wanted to go back home! At 7 AM, two nurses came and asked everyone else to leave the room. I got more nervous. Though, I am not iatrophobic, still there were so many doubts and questions. They started the initial process and went back. My people came back in the room and I felt relaxed.

After an hour or so, it started paining, it pained like anything.

I had promised myself that no matter how much it pains, I will bear it without taking any extra medications, will not shout or let the world know what’s happening.

I had held my husband's and my mom’s hand. It was paining like hell. I was in Labour. An induced Labour.

I knew that sometime later, I will have a tiny human being in my arms but after how long was the question.

I kept pressing their hands to comfort that pain. I knew it was hurting them, but not as much it was hurting me.

I remember telling my mom while in pain, “Why are we doing this? Let’s go back home”, and she had laughed at me.

After taking 20 rounds in the lobby area, at around 2:30 PM, they had asked me to walk up to delivery room and there they expected me to do 10 sit ups!!! Yes, you read it right, 10 Sit-ups.

Such was the moment that I wanted to give up, wanted to cry, shout loudly! But then, the same moment I was waiting for that blessing to be in my arms.

Around, 4 PM, they announced, “It’s a girl” and I sighed with relief. They showed me her angelic face. She was looking up. She must be telling those angels, that I have reached safely. I closed my eyes and smiled. I remember it was not paining anymore.

11 October – We chose that date.

And we wanted a girl.

A daughter!

A daughter is a wonderful blessing.

A treasure from above.

She’s laughter, warmth and special charms.

She’s thoughtful and love!

The moment she came in my arms and embraced herself, I experienced Love again♥♥♥♥

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