How to stay positive during  pregnancy. 
|   Apr 30, 2017
How to stay positive during  pregnancy. 

First three months of pregnancy will be a roller coaster ride.  As you may get nausea due to hormonal changes and feel sick. Second trimester will be a smoother one as it comfort us to do normal chores. During these days I heard good divine music, done art and craft, tried new recipes etc... If you are in second pregnancy then playing with older one is one of the greatest way to make older one feel happy as u couldn't spend time before. Narrating bed time stories helps you to inculcate the listening habit through which we develop the bonding among three(u,unborn and the older one). I used to draw before marriage later I forget it. Suddenly came up with an idea of pencil drawing of my favourite God which turned out well which made me feel happy as I never got this perfection before.  One of my cousin asked "whether it was my talent or the one inside who was pushing you to do so" I smiled and felt proud for changing the completely inferior person to think positive. Moreover if mom is happy then everyone around and inside will be happy. Talking to your baby is one of the essential way to build strong relationship with your baby some may feel shy but try it when you are alone. I used to get early in the morning through which i could enjoy the dawning sky. A short trip to terrace for getting fresh air made me feel energetic to start a busy day. It is completely absurd to blame others for our happiness. If someone is not treating you well and their single actions may hurt you. But remember its not our fault because of  your hormonal balance which triggers you to think so. So be conscious on accumulating positive vibes to get good mental strength. Happy pregnancy!!!! 

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