Infant health issue
|   May 15, 2017
Infant health issue

Being a mother of two is a mystery filled journey as we need to face the emerging health illness. My first kid never had health issues till 1.5years but had inconsistent sleep pattern which was the only thing I experienced as a new mommy. I had a thought of same and prepared for the second one. But to my surprise she had smooth sleep routine. After two months we were at my home town for vacation. Since it was summer the heat was unbearable and took a week to settle down. Later on a scorching day my little one cried often for urination. Her usual night sleep routine extended late night. I didn't took it as serious because it varies day by day. Later on the third day she cried like anything and had sleep deprivation. she cried whenever peeing and I thought it was due to the heat which causes irritation. But the situation got worse when she cried for whole night. She was not having milk too which creates panic. Me and my mom consoled by having her alternatively on our arms but nothing worked out till early morning. Later she slept for a while and we met the paediatrician to whom we explained the history. After analysing he concluded that it was urinary infection which was due to lack of water content. Though breast milk itself enough but due to climatic conditions he advised to give 150ml of water a day and some medicines too. After two days of medication we could see the smile on her face which geared up our past sluggish days. So as a mother we need patience, strength and courage to nurture our baby. I wrote it to create awareness among the new mommies out there about the issue I experienced so far. Happy parenting!!!! 

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